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When is CLAT 2020? Tips on Appearing For CLAT in Corona Times

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When is CLAT 2020?

This question is perhaps the most asked question in the streets of legal education in 2020. Which is funny because before Coronavirus came and toppled all our plans, law aspirants were worried about the new exam pattern of CLAT 2020.

Now, most aspirants just want the exam to be over (and obviously a vaccine).

Editor’s Note: If you’re wondering when is CLAT 2020 then please refer to our post (perhaps the fourth one on the topic :P)

For the sake of this article, let’s say you’re a CLAT aspirant and your preparation is complete. All you’d like to know is the exam date and how to take the exam in this pandemic.

When is CLAT 2020?

CLAT 2020 will be held on September 7 from 2 PM to 4 PM. It will be a centre-based online test.

clat date noticeAdmit cards will be issued shortly and there are talks of the admit cards to be valid as a movement pass to allow students from containment zones to the centres.

What are the instructions for CLAT aspirants for the Exam?

There are basic instructions from the Consortium at this time, which include the medical guidelines and the precautionary measures issued for the candidates and the staff.

More such instructions are expected to follow as the exam comes near.

Instructions to the staff

  • Staff will be deployed for Crowd Management and orderly movement.
  • Staff with Thermo Guns will be present at the entry gate
  • Sufficient cleaning staff, centre administrators and invigilators with face masks and hand gloves will be deployed.
  • Spray machines with disinfectant liquid will be used to sanitize examination centres thoroughly.
  • Sufficient hand sanitizer and hand soap will be present across the test centres and washrooms.
  • Candidates with fever or COVID symptoms will not be permitted inside the exam venue.
  • A separate isolation lab will be set up to accommodate these candidates.
  • PPE kits will be made available for staff in isolation labs.
  • 3 ply masks and gloves will be provided to isolated candidates

Instructions for candidates

  • All candidates with temperature > 99.14 will be directed to the isolation lab for taking the examination.
  • In case of candidate with a scribe, both the candidate and the scribe must bring their own N95 mask
  • Candidates will be permitted to carry following items with them into the venue:
    o Mask
    o Gloves
    o Personal transparent water bottle
    o Personal hand sanitizer (50 ml)
    o A simple pen
    o Exam related documents (Admit Card, ID card, etc.)
  • Candidates will be told to switch off their mobile phones and deposit it at the designated
    location, to be collected while exiting.

clat medical precautionsAdvice to Aspirants

These are tough times, unprecedented tough times for all of humanity. While it is both immoral and impossible to compare the hardship of two individuals, the aspirants have had to deal with a lot in this pandemic.

Not only did the law aspirants have a new pattern of the exam, but they have also seen date after date of the exam being postponed.

We understand that there is a certain confidence and a mindset that an aspirant builds as the exam comes near, even if the preparation has a few shortcomings, the confidence goes a long way into the performance of the aspirant.

The exam has been constantly pushed back (no blame game here), this has taken a toll on the aspirants. We suggest you do the following, it may not make a miraculous change but it will help

Talk and Share

It is important that in the times of difficulty, we share and talk with the ones closest to us. It can be a parent, a friend, a sibling, or a faculty. The important part is that if you are not feeling well from this constant pressure rooting from the exam, please talk to someone.


I can hear the eyes roll with this suggestion but trust the power of meditation. It will not only make you calm in this difficult time but also help your brain get more oxygen so you study well and make better decisions.


The exam is getting pushed but things will not always be the same, false hope is another story but do NOT lose hope altogether. Things will change, we will come out stronger.

When that bell rings and the exam starts, you WILL have to answer the questions you practised all year. So do not let go of all that effort you put into your preparation. Keep in touch with your books.

Watch a Movie

Yes, the exam is on September 7. There is time for a 3-hour movie.

Make sure you watch something which inspires you or gets you a glimpse of the law.

Editor’s Note: My suggestion? Go for either The Great Debaters or Dead Poets SocietySounds boring? Trust me it did to me too then I saw it and it was worth it.

Parting Wisdom

Do not let this pandemic get to you, stay indoors and stay safe. At best, it will take a year from you. ONE year. If you sleep 30 mins less every day for life than what you currently do, you will get an extra year of life. 

Stay Strong. Stay Safe

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