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Taking CLAT or Other Law Entrances? Subscribe to Unacademy and Get Access to Unlimited Batches and Resources

About Unacademy

Classroom education in India has stifled many brilliant minds. With Unacademy, India’s largest education platform, we are changing that.

We have on board some of the top educators in the country.

Our platform regularly hosts a special session called ‘Legends at Unacademy’, guests till date include Kiran Bedi, India’s first woman IPS officer and now the Governor of Pondicherry, Shashi Tharoor (MP), Abhijit Banerjee (Nobel Laureate), Virat Kohli (Indian Cricket Team Captain), Anushka Sharma (Actor, Producer) and many more.

With over 2 million views every month, we are touching the lives of people in the remotest corners of the country.


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About the Batches

Our batches are designed to cater to the needs of candidates from every juncture of preparation. We roll out atleast 2 new batches every week so you don’t miss out on anything even if you join mid-way.

Other key highlights include dedicated English and Hindi Batches, flexible duration batches ranging from 1 month to 2 years, specific exam dedicated batches (eg AILET, etc). Once you buy the subscription, you have access to all the plus courses and freedom to enroll in any batch of your choice.

Additionally, we have free classes on the platform that cover topic wise courses for easy access to the students.

Here’s a few batches that we have already launched

Unacademy Toppers Batch: NLU Stalwarts

Toppers Batch: NLU Stalwarts

This is a weekend batch being taught exclusively by previous year CLAT toppers. This is a rare opportunity to learn from a group of educators who bagged the top ranks in the examination you aim to crack.

Therefore this batch not only provides quality teaching in terms of the syllabus but also personalised and proven tips/tricks to make your preparation easier and more effective.

Unacademy Lakshya Batch: Success Law

Lakshya Batch: Success Law

This batch is taken by some of the best faculty for CLAT in the country. They have over 15+ years of experience and have had a track record of producing national level rank holders. Some of the faculty members – Debajyoti Das, Jigyasa Mehendiratta, Ashutosh, Shyam Sarraf.

Educators from this batch are renowned authors, corporate lawyers from top law firms, and experienced faculties.

  • Aiming to join a top National Law University?
  • Want to represent India at international competitions?
  • Seek to win International Scholarships?
  • Plan to join top law firms like Amarchand Mangaldas?

If any or all of the answers to the above questions is in affirmative, don’t forget to have a conversation with our educator Debajyoti Das. The above are simply snippets of his professional profile before he joined Unacademy and started teaching students for CLAT.

Fun fact: If we combine the total teaching experience of our educators from this batch, it will be well over half a century.

Unacademy Phoenix CLAT 2022: 1 Year Batch

Phoenix CLAT 2022: 1 Year Batch

A dedicated batch for those aspirants who have decided to start early so that they gain an advantage over the competition. This batch will train the students for CLAT 2022 through in-depth and detail oriented classes on every topic covering every minute detail of the syllabus at length.

The educators for this batch are past NLU grads, international speakers, lawyers and experienced teachers. Their agenda is to make sure you get into your dream NLU in 2022.

Accelerate Law

This is a weekend batch for those who cannot be a part of the live classes during the weekdays due to their school timing or other commitments. The top educators for each category comprising of National Law University students, Seasoned teachers, Corporate lawyers, and Practicing advocates. Join for consistent training in CLAT subjects as well as numerous doubt clearing live sessions.

Aspire Law 2021

NLU Alumni, Veteran Educators, and Published authors have come together and started this batch to ease your journey of CLAT preparation with Aspire Law 2021. A fast-paced batch which will complete your syllabus before the 2021 version of CLAT as well as hold doubt clearing/revision classes.

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Are you STILL looking for more reasons to join Unacademy?

Let’s take a look at the prime highlights of our subscription.

Live Classes

Online learning does not mean pre-recorded lectures and heaps of pdf files, even though technology has bridged the gap between the teacher and the student, we ensure that the essence of a real classroom is not lost in our classes so that doubt can be cleared as soon as it is raised.

Doubt Clearing Live Classes

We understand that a normal live class can not entertain endless doubts since the syllabus needs to be completed but that does not mean the doubts are ignored. We hold dedicated doubt clearing live classes by top educators so that all the confusion in the topics can be cleared in real-time.

Doubt clearing via pictures

Learners learn at their pace and time. We understand that while our students are busy with self-studies, there may be doubts that arise and that it may get lost if they wait for the next class to deal with it.

No worries, technology and our dedication towards excellence have solved this problem.

Simply click a picture and send it to us, one of our top educators will send the solution video (so that you understand the process) to you.


When we say unlimited, we mean it. There is no fair usage capping at Unacademy.
So take ONE subscription and you get access to all the batches that we have for CLAT.

  • Want to learn in multiple batches?
  • Feel like studying from various educators across batches?

Subscribe to Plus and get access to all our CLAT preparation batches.

Mocks and Test Papers

We hold a national mock test every week called Unacademy Law Aptitude Test (ULAT), within two hours of the test, we go live with the analysis. This is done for the students to keep a track of their progress weekly and know their mistakes within hours of taking the mock test.

Unacademy Law Entrance Exams

In addition, we have thousands of practice questions for you to solve and brush your concepts.

No Language Barrier

Our classes are held in English/Hindi and a few other regional languages as well, so language does not become a barrier in learning. Although the exam is held in English, you can always work hard and gain the required expertise, while you’re doing that, we’ll continue to teach you in Hindi.

Flexible plans

  • Still not too sure about it?
  • Cannot afford the 1 and 2-year plans?

We have plans that you can subscribe for as little as one month.

As for affordability, ours is leaps and bounds cheaper than the offline coaching institutes out there. If we calculate the fee for one month, it comes to as low as INR 1200.

Are You Still Thinking ‘Why Unacademy’?

We can understand your hesitation. This is the first year of our CLAT batches and if we were in your place, we would be having second thoughts.

Want to know who else had second thoughts?

Thousands of learners who cracked various exams after preparing with us.

We have a huge list of exams and the number of students who cracked them, here’s a small piece of that list for you to see

  • IIT JEE: 284
  • NEET UG: 131
  • GATE: 88
  • UPSC CSE 2019: 35

The list goes on but we plan to make an addition next year and place CLAT in the list

CLAT: You?

The next version of CLAT is in 6 months and we are on a journey to provide excellent preparation on the updated pattern.

Subscribe today and join us on the journey.

How to Subscribe?

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Also, we do daily news analysis and other academic videos for CLAT and other exams on out Youtube Channel.

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Click here to Subscribe our Plus subscription (Use referral code LAWCTOPUS10 to get an instant 10% discount)


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