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Two CLATs in 2022: What Does It Mean?

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This year the Common Law Admission Test is all set to be held twice in 2022: While CLAT 2022 is scheduled for the 8th of May, CLAT 2023, is to be held on the 18th of December. The consortium of National Law Universities announced the same earlier this month. It must also be noted that the counselling fees has been reduced. What does this mean for aspirants preparing for these two exams? Let us find out.

As quoted by Poonam Saxena, the Vice Chancellor of NLU jodhpur and the current president of the consortium, “As a matter of practice and convenience CLAT was conducted on a Sunday of the first fortnight of May, preferably the first Sunday, so that most NLU’S could commence their summer session from July 1.”

The previous two CLAT’s were however held in September and July respectively, significantly after this prescribed time limit due to COVID and the restrictions that resulted from it. This has had significant implications on the overall system in Law Schools and has drastically changed the academic schedule, exam dates and semester breaks.

Why are there two CLATs in 2022?

1. Other entrance exams:

It became increasingly difficult for the consortium to book an exclusive date in the month of May that would fall on a Sunday considering the plethora of entrance exams to be held on the same days

2. Boards and significant notice:

The new date in the month of December was done to ensure that students’ burden in the months of January to April, when they are busy preparing for Boards and Pre-boards are eased. CLAT will thus be conducted annually in the month of December as opposed to any other month.

Has CLAT 2022 Counselling fee reduced?

The counselling fee to be in paid in the previous CLAT’s were a contested amount due to the significant financial burden it casted upon families. Faizan Mustafa, the former president of the Consortium, acknowledging this, asserted that since families were required to take a loan to deposit the fees.

These loans weren’t granted due to lack of an admission letter, several students were negatively impacted. Hence, the counselling fees was slashed from Rs. 500,00 to Rs. 30,000 for the general category and 20,000 for the reserved category.

Two CLATs in 2022: What does this mean for a CLAT 2022 aspirant?

1. Nothing changes:

Continue preparing according to plan. Stick to your schedule. With the Omicron Variant emerging, it’s easy to be drawn into a discussion of possible postponements and the mode in which the paper is to be administered, don’t. Chalk out a plan for the next few months and stay consistent.

2. A second chance:

Often times when students take a drop/ gap year to prepare for CLAT, or to attempt it again, the year-long wait makes the process laborious and makes one lose their dedication and focus in the last few months. With a gap of only 7 months, this would allow droppers to give CLAT the second time with a fair shot. Consider yourself lucky!

Two CLATs in 2022: How does it impact a CLAT 2023 aspirant?

1. The Timeline just got shorter:

You must have anticipated having time all the way till may, a CLAT in December would however mean that you just lost close to 5 months of preparation. Redraw your plan and prioritise your aspirations

2. No more boards + CLAT pressure:

The hardest period for an aspirant, is often juggling their boards and CLAT prep, you won’t have to anymore! A solid plan will certainly help you easily tackle the two examinations.

Best of luck!

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