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Taking the CLAT LLM 2020? Subscribe to CLATapult’s LLM Course Now!

CLAT LLM preparations can be tricky. However, help is at hand (it’s right here, right now actually).

About CLATapult

CLATapult, founded in 2012, was the brainchild of three Undergraduate Program students of NUJS and has since come to be a pioneering name amongst law aspirants across the country.

With the aim to help these ‘aspirants’ take a solid step towards their dream law school, CLATapult has had several students joining the top national institutions. Ever since its inception, CLATapult has made remarkable growth in its enrolment figures, coupled with an exemplary performance by its students.

We at CLATapult always strive to provide our students with meticulously curated content which is up-to-the-minute with trends in law entrance tests so that their dreams can become our reality.

About the Course

With the number of aspirants increasing for Post Graduate Entrance Examinations like CLAT(PG), AILET(PG), BHU (LLM Entrance), ILI (LLM Entrance), DU (LLM Entrance) and other equivalent examinations, it is imperative that interested students have access to competent mentors and detailed material to guide them.

After having curated study materials for the abovementioned entrance examinations, we at CLATapult, now bring to you, tutelage from our experts so that you ace these exams with ease. Our Modules complemented by video lessons shall give you a rounded experience of what we believe is key to cracking all/any of these tests.

List of Courses

Our new programs are custom made for students with different needs;

  1. CLATapult’s Marathon Program (Rs. 15,999): Prepares you from the beginning for the finishing line. This all-encompassing program that offers exhaustive study material, questions banks, video lessons, mock tests, write-ups on the latest legal developments and worksheets. We have developed this course keeping in mind the specifications of every paper pattern (and the changes suggested by the CLAT Consortium).
  2. CLATapult’s Turbo Program (Rs. 12,999- ): Are you are a believer of self-study, this course offers you all the benefits of the former, barring the video lessons.
  3. CLATapult’s Relay Program (Rs. 8999- ): Finding it difficult to navigate through the vast syllabus, this is a comprehensive course designed by distilling the best of all our modules.
  4. CLATapult’s Dynamo Program (Rs. 4499-): Are you preparing by yourself but are not feeling confident, this program brings to you over 30 mocks and 20 worksheets so that you can be at the top of your game!

By the end of it, you will not only be prepared but also be able to assess the level of your preparation.

How to Register

For further queries and registration kindly contact us on 7980375282 or drop us a mail at kolkata@clatapult.com.

For those who are eager to join, CLATapult will be providing an Early Bird’s Discount of 20% on all courses listed above! Register Now!

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