Statement Conclusion Practice Questions for CLAT 2020

Statement Conclusion Practice Questions for CLAT 2020

Direction for questions 1 to 10 :​​ Each of the following questions consists of statements followed by two conclusions. Read the given statements carefully and identify which of the conclusions directly follow.

​​ Mark your answer as:

  • If only conclusion 1 follows

  • If only conclusion 2 follows

  • If both conclusions 1 and 2 follows

  • If neither conclusions 1 nor 2 follows



Free and fair elections have been held in USA.​​ The extremist could not stop them the government must be complemented for it.


  • The government could not have taken the advantage of situation.

  • The government has taken the problem of extremists decently enough.


Many people are​​ endowed​​ plentiful time.​​ Idling away time is a sign of high status for them.


  • Affluent people idle away time.

  • Good fortune makes a person Idle.


The human organism grows and developed through stimulation and action.


  • Inert human organism cannot grow and develop.

  • Human organism do not react to stimulation and action.


Beauty is God’s gift and everything and everyone has beauty, but not everyone identifies it.


  • Some people identify beauty.

  • Beauty is ubiquitous.


Time saving devices​​ constitute​​ and your culture. This culture remove sloth and India needs it badly.


  • All Indian are very slow and slothful.

  • India does not have time saving machines.

6. Statement​​ 

The policy of liberalisation will make the rich richer and the poor poorer. The disparity between the rich and the poor will widen.


  • Liberalisation is not good for India.

  • The rich believe in liberalisation.

7. Statement​​ 

Both India and​​ Pak​​ are democratic countries.​​ Both​​ have democratically​​ elected Prime Ministers. Both the Prime Minister’s want peace.


  • India and Pak on likely to follow the path of confrontation.

  • India and Pakistan neighbouring countries.

8. Statement​​ 

Polar bear do not have fur on them. Animal X doesn’t have fur on it.


  • X is from the poles

  • Polar bear skin use thick enough to protect it from cold.

9. Statement​​ 

CET forms can be procured​​ either by paying cash or by submitting a DD. Many people prefer cash she has procured a CET form.


  • She submitted DD for the CET exam.

  • Purchasing the form by making cash payment is more convenient than​​ paying​​ DD.

10. Statement​​ 

Murder is a moral offence. You have committed a moral offence.


  • You are a​​ Murderer.​​ 

  • Murderer ​​ are Immoral.​​ 


Answer key

Ans.1​​ ​​ b​​ 

conclusion​​ one talks about the assumption which fails to match with the context so one cannot be concluded,​​ the extremities could not stop free elections which implies that the government faced them adequately,​​ so second conclusion can be concluded.

Ans.2​​ ​​ d​​ 

nothing is mentioned about effluent people or about good fortune.

Ans3.​​ ​​ d​​ 

both conclusions are incorrect as nothing has been said about​​ inert​​ human organism and about the condition in which they react.

Ans.4 – b​​ 

“ubiquitous”​​ means present everywhere.​​ So​​ second conclusion​​ definitely follows as the main statements his that beauty is God’s gift and everything and everyone has beauty.

Ans.5​​ ​​ d​​ 

the phrase​​ “removes sloth”​​ does not implies that Indian are slow and slothful. We cannot conclude that India does not have time saving machines. It is possible that India has them but their number is insufficient.

Ans.6​​ ​​ d​​ 

the statements​​ do not say anything about India. Hence one is​​ negated.​​ second talks about the belief of rich and is beyond the scope of argument.

Ans.7​​ ​​ d​​ 

1 cannot be concluded as we do not know that the prime minister has absolute authority in the matter of confrontation.​​ Conclusion 2 is negated as​​ the​​ main statements​​ do​​ not​​ hint​​ that the two nations are neighbours.

Ans.8​​ ​​ d​​ 

none of the conclusions follow. One is incorrect because there could be another variety of animal which doesn’t have fur too.​​ So we cannot say that animal​​ X​​ qis from the poles. Second is out of scope as nothing has been said about polar bear skin.

Ans.9​​ ​​ d​​ 

conclusion​​ ​​ 1 is incorrect because the statement clearly said that there are two ways of procuring the form. So​​ she could not have chosen either of two.​​ Conclusion​​ 2​​ is​​ also​​ incorrect as people may prefer cash because it is safer​​ or faster or cheaper.

Ans.10 – d​​ 

none of the Conclusion is true. Committing a single act of moral offence cannot account for being called Immoral. So conclusion second is incorrect conclusion one does not follow because murder is one of the Immortal acts but may not be the only​​ immoral act.




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