Statement Conclusion Practice Questions for CLAT 2020

Statement Conclusion Practice Questions for CLAT 2020

Directions for the question 1 to 10: in the following questions, two statements are given,​​ followed by two conclusions​​ .​​ You have to consider the statements to be true even if there seems to be at variance for commonly known facts. You have to decide which of the given conclusions, if any, follow the given statements.

Mark your answer as:

  • If​​ Only conclusion​​ 1​​ follows

  • If​​ Only conclusions 2 follows

  • If both conclusions follows

  • If neither conclusion 1 nor 2 follows.

  • If conclusion 1 or 2 follows

Ques. 1​​ Statements:

  • 60%​​ of the government employee went on the strike.

  • Mr.​​ Gopal is a government employee


  • Mr Gopal went on strike.

  • Mr Gopal did not participate in the strike.

Ques 2​​ Statements:

  • Temple is a place of worship.

  • Church is also a place of worship.


  • Hindus and Christians use the same place for worship.

  • All churches are temples.

Ques 3​​ Statements:

  • Happiness derived from external materials is momentary.

  • Everlasting happiness has to come from within.


  • Nobody can experience happiness from outside.

  • Happiness experience from cinema is not lasting.

Ques 4 Statements:

  • India is becoming industrialized.

  • Pollution is a problem associated with industrialisation.

Conclusions :

  • Polluted nations are industrialized.

  • India may become polluted.


Ques 5 Statements:​​ 

  • The internet is a web interconnected computer.

  • All computers have input and output devices.


  • The internet is an output device.

  • A single computer cannot make an internet.

Ques 6 Statements:

  • Air travel is more expensive than train travel.

  • Train travel takes less time than air travel.


  • To save time one should use train travel.

  • Use money, one should use train travel.

Ques 7 Statements:

  • Each student will read two books every week.

  • Each student will re submit a report on one of the two books every week.


  • The books providing for reading are interesting.

  • Interest in reading can be developed by force.

Ques 8 Statements:​​ 

  • Main Street are named after politicians.

  • Many streets are named after social workers.


  • Streets have names.

  • Politicians are social workers.

Ques 9 Statements​​ 

  • The company reported loss in the first quarter.

  • The company has been profitable in the past.


  • The company will make a profit in the second quarter.

  • The company is going to be bought by a bigger company.


Ques 10 Statements​​ 

  • Cricket is played with red balls.

  • Snooker uses many red balls.


  • Snooker can be played with the cricket balls.

  • Cricket can be played with a snooker balls.



Answer key

Ans1- e​​ 

Mr Gopal may or may not pass it participate in strike.​​ So both confusion are possible and one of them must be true.


​​ temple and Church​​ May​​ or​​ May​​ not overlap.​​ Further no information is given about Hindu and Christians.​​ Thus, ​​ conclusion follows.


only conclusion II follows because happiness experienced from cinema cannot be categorised as happiness coming from within one’s​​ soul and statement one clearly states that everlasting happiness come from within.


​​ only conclusion​​ II​​ talks about a possibility of India becoming polluted due to industrialisation and hence is correct.​​ conclusion​​ I​​ cannot be drawn as nothing has been mentioned about polluted Nation.


only conclusion to follows, sense internet must have interconnected computers on more than one computer at least. A computer having input and output device that not make the internet become an input or output device.


both conclusion follows sales according to the statements,​​ air travel is more expensive as well as slower


​​ neither​​ conclusion follows,​​ since interesting books and interest in reading are not mentioned in the statements.


neither conclusion follows as from the given statements no relation has been established between the politician and social workers.


​​ neither conclusion follows since we do not know the second quarter result or any plans of bigger companies.


​​ both conclusion 1 and 2 follows, since there is no difference between red ball used as in the statements.



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