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Sources Of Constitution Of India and Law Officers In India

In this Article we will be covering the Sources of Constitution of India and the Law Officers.  Read the article for a quick revision of these topics as they are important for the Legal GK section of CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) and other law entrance examinations.

Sources of Constitution of India

The Constitution of India has various features that are taken from the constitution of various nations across the globe. Given below are the countries and the features that Indian Constitution has adopted from their Constitution.


Procedure established by law


Emergency Powers

Suspension of Fundamental Rights during emergency

South Africa

Amendment Procedure


Fundamental Duties


Republic and the ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity in the Preamble


Freedom of Trade and Commerce

Concurrent list


Directive Principles of State Policy

Election Procedure of the President

Nomination of members to Rajya Sabha


Quasi Federal Form of Government

Residual power with Union Government

Advisory Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court

United States of America


Fundamental Rights

Judicial Review

Equal Protection of Law

Independence of the Judiciary

Post of Vice President

Impeachment of the President

United Kingdom

Parliamentary form of Government

Concept of Single Citizenship

Rule of Law


Parliamentary Privileges


Legislative Procedure

Law Officers

The posts of law officers are created by the Constitution of India. Some of those posts along with its features are enumerated below:

  • Attorney General of India

Highest law officer in India

Appointed by President

Dealt in Article 76 of the Constitution of India

Current Post Holder : K K VenuGopal

  • Solicitor General of India

Second highest law officer in India

Current Position holder: Tushar Mehta

  • Advocate General

Highest law officer in State

Appointed by Governor

Dealt in Article 165 of the Constitution of India


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