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The Six Infinity Stones of CLAT

This post was first published on July 9, 2019

Caution: This post has very little to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Think of CLAT being the infinity gauntlet and to power it, you must possess the infinity stones. The stones, as most of us know are difficult to find and attaining one is a herculean task, don’t forget you have to be strong enough to wield them. Think of yourself as an Avenger (or Thanos, your call, no judgement) whose mission is to possess all those stones so as to crack CLAT (wield the infinity gauntlet).

Here are the six must have skills (stones) to achieve your goal.

P.S – My last name is not Russo.

Mind Stone

It is very important that you pursue this voyage after you’ve done your due diligence and made up your mind (Gettit ? Gettit ?). Every career option seems glamorous from the outside but as I have always told aspirants the Harvey Specters of the real world have real and long hours of paperwork to deal with.

So, do not enter this path just because you think it’d be cool to flash your shiny suits and know it all attitude because that is not the case (not even 1 in 14 million).

Space Stone

Create a space where you can dedicate your hours for this exam. Yes, this exam is not one which takes years of preparation but the months which you decide to put in must be completely devoted to the preparation. So ask yourself and introspect.

If you need to be around peers and require a certain daily pressure of tasks to bring out the Hulk in you, you MUST join coaching classes or if you can prepare well alone even then you should subscribe to an online platform which provides mocks and study material because there is a lot of unnecessary information which will take up time and effort and never be a part of your paper.

Either way, you HAVE to spend your due time frozen in ice.

Time Stone

Every student is different and the preparation every student needs is different. My advice is, an aspirant should devote a minimum of three months and a maximum of one year to the preparation. The key lies in the way you utilize your time in the window you’ve invested.

The ones who have devoted one year have an edge in ONE subject…G.K. This is a vast subject with absolutely no boundary and therefore the only way is to beat it with time (you must come to bargain). One hour of G.K every day, this goes for the three-month candidates too since investing more time will not guarantee a better score.

So the crux of this example is to plan your studies, use smart work as well as hard work since CLAT tests your aptitude (duh). The rest of the papers require daily practice with a minimum of two mocks per week on the clock (race against time).

Check out Clatapult and their set of mocks for CLAT.

Power Stone

As I said, every student is different and everyone has their strong and weak suits but this is no reason to be stressed, use it as a weapon instead (no Mlojnir ? STORMBREAKER then). If you’re weak at maths, don’t devote 5 hours a day to make yourself better at that, it will not benefit you, the goal is NOT to get all the questions right but get MOST questions right.

Focus on your strongest subject, eg. legal aptitude: give an extra hour to tackle as many questions as you can because unlike GK there is a limit to what they can ask you in this segment. Use your weakness to channel your strength and do not stress over the exam.

Soul Stone

No, you don’t have to give away your most loved one to have this but you need other souls to guide you on the way. You will need a mentor or mentors to guide you on the way so that you don’t end up wasting your time on the wrong things. As I said this exam neither needs you to know EVERYTHING nor do you need to answer every question.

So if you’ve joined coaching, spend some time with the teachers who have taken this exam and ask them about their experiences. Read about the toppers and try to learn what they did right and more importantly avoid what they did wrong.

If you’ve subscribed to an online portal for preparation, ask for guidance videos or counselling calls so that you know what awaits you and how YOU need to be geared up.

Reality Stone

Never become overconfident. It has taken away potential candidates from CLAT as well as tanked the career of those inside law school. So if you’re scoring well in the mocks in a subject or overall, do not think you can leave that subject and cut yourself some slack because that will be the reason for your failure.

Do not think of any subject you scored well on as puny (you do remember Hulk and Loki). If you’re getting good advice then continue to seek guidance, if you’re scoring well then continue to work hard if you’re getting faster in mocks then continue to beat your own time records.

These were the six infinity stones you need to conquer the battle but then we all must remember that whether you run from it or you dread it, destiny still arrives so if you qualify the exam don’t let it get to your head and continue the use of the stones in law school and in a scenario where you couldn’t qualify, it’s not the end of the world (well not the whole world).

Read our post on how to bridge the gap between NLU and non-NLU grads.

P.S – If you think your English is weak and you’re not from a big city or that you don’t have the resources to compete with the crowd that is your competition in this examination, remember Tony Stark made the mad titan bleed even though he was a human being and Thanos could practically throw moons.


CLAT  2020 is closer than you think so… AVENGERS. ASSEMBLE!

Aditya Anand
Aditya is 93.1% sure that he knows Japanese. We think he speaks Japanese in Bhojpuri accent.


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