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Solve the Quiz on Sentence Completion

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Select the most suitable alternative to fill in the blanks in the sentence to give it a logical meaning.

A. Some animals have unique _____ that allow them to survive in extreme weather conditions.

a. Characteristics

b. Problems

c. Feelings

d. Conditions

Ans. a

Explanation: to survive in extreme weather conditions animals have various features or characteristics. It is because of which they are able to survive and not because of any feeling or condition. Thus, option a is the answer.

B. The ____ crowd gave the victorious team a tumultuous welcome.

a. Troublesome

b. Arrogant

c. Jubilant

d. Noisy

Ans. c

Explanation: the sentence is talking about victorious team, thus denoting a positive sense. Therefore among-st the options only ‘jubilant’ fits into the sentence as the crowd will obviously be happy about the victorious team.

C. The Greenland ice sheet is _____ at the rate of about 12 cubic miles a year.

a. Smelting

b. Melting

c. Condensing

d. Freezing

Ans. b

Explanation: the word ‘melting’ is used when a solid is changed to liquid. And, the ice sheet is already in a frozen form it cannot freeze more. Thus option b is the answer.

D. Due to ____ rainfall this year, there will be ____ cut in water supply.

a. Enough; substantial

b. Meagre; least

c. Sufficient; no

d. Surplus; abundant

Ans. c

Explanation: if you apply each option one by one you will realise that only option c is capable of giving a logical meaning to sentence, there options do not frame a sensible sentence.

E. He is too ____ to be deceived easily.

a. Strong

b. Modern

c. Intelligent

d. Kind

Ans. c

Explanation: deceive means to make fool of someone. So only of an intelligent person cannot be fooled. Therefore option c is the answer.

F. I cannot ____ to know much about it.

a. Pretend

b. Imagine

c. Conceive

d. Contemplate

Ans. a

Explanation: among-st the options only option a gives the suitable and desired meaning to the sentence as other options do not fit in here.

G. Ravi ____ a bit ___ he was not invited by his friend to attend the party.

a. Took; before

b. Angered; since

c. Expressed; than

d. Grumbled; when

Ans. d

Explanation: the sentence is talking about that Ravi was not invited to the party. It is obvious that he would be feeling angry about it. The choice is between option b and d according to the meaning but if you will look at the second blank you will realise ‘since’ is not the correct word as it denotes a thing which has been done long back and is still continuing. Therefore here ‘when’ will be used as the sentence suggests that at the moment of not being invited to the party Ravi got angry. Thus option d is the answer.

H. If a speech is full of pompous words, it is _____

a. Verbose

b. Bombastic

c. Grandiose

d. Grandiloquent

Ans. d

Explanation: pompous means self importance and grandiloquent means a speech which has impressive words to attract others. As only option d signifies the meaning described in the sentence, it is the answer.

I. He is like a body without a soul, an eye without light or a flower without ___

a. Smell

b. Fragrance

c. Petal

d. Odour

Ans. b

Explanation: a body is nothing without a soul and an eye is useless without light similarly the flower’s essence is its fragrance. The word smell and odour are generally used to denote bad or foul smell so in case of flower the appropriate word is fragrance.

J. My father keeps all his ____ papers in a lock and key.

a. Required

b. Necessary

c. Useful

d. Confidential

Ans. d

Explanation: only those documents which are important and are not to be shown to others are kept in lock. Thus option d is the answer.

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