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Quiz on Current Affairs of November 2020

Attempt the quiz and check your score. To revise the Current Affairs for November 2020 click here.

Created on By Aparna Shukla

Quiz on Current Affairs of November 2020

To revise the current affairs of November 2020, click here. Attempt the questions and check your score.

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Which of the following author has won the Booker Prize 2020?

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Joe Biden, who won the US Presidential elections 2020  belongs to which political party?


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Ministry of Education has recently launched an award named after 12th-century book on Mathematics. This book is called:

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The book authored by Barack Obama is titled

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Which country has been removed from the list of State Sponsor of terrorism?


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Which country became the first Arab country to generate electricity from coal?

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Panna Tiger Reserve is recently listed as Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. IIt is located in the state of

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NDA has won the Bihar Elections 2020. Which of the following party is not a part of this alliance?


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Which team won the thirteenth season of IPL?

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Which state won the Best State Award in the Fisheries sector?

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