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Quick Quiz on One Word Substitution

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Solve the vocabulary quick quiz on One Word Substitution and Vocabulary for CLAT and other law entrance examinations.

Created on By Aparna Shukla
Constitutional Law Quiz

Quick Quiz On One Word Substitution

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The practise of having more than one husband is called is called


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A critical judge of any art of craft is called

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One who can use either hand at ease is called

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The points to be discussed in a meeting is called

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The fear of getting committed in the relationship of marrying is called

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The fear of death is called

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The word for a remedy for all diseases or solution to all problems is

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One who doesn’t interact much and does not express himself much is called

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A person who is mentally ill is called

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An arrangement of flowers given as present is called

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A person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society is called




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A group of stars is called

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The one who knows everything is called


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The person who entirely depends on others is called

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A person who is lazy by habit is called

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