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Questions to Practice Statement and Course of Action for CLAT 2020

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Questions to Practice Statement and Course of Action for CLAT 2020

Questions to Practice Statement and Course of Action for CLAT 2020

Directions​​ : In each of the questions below is given a statement followed by two courses of action numbered 1 and 2. ​​ On the basis of the information given in the statement you have to assume everything in the statement to be true, then decide which of the given courses of action logically follows.

Mark your answer as:

  • If only​​ Course of Action​​ 1 follows.

  • If only​​ Course of Action​​ 2 follows.

  • If either​​ Course of Action​​ 1 or 2 follows.

  • If neither​​ Course of Action​​ 1 nor 2 follows.

  • If both​​ Course of Action​​ 1 & 2 follows.


1.​​ STATEMENT:​​ Lack of coordination between the university, its colleges and various authorities has resulted in students​​ ousted​​ from one college seeking migration to another.

Courses of Action:

  • If a student is ousted from my college, the information should be sent to all other colleges of University.

  • The admissions to all colleges of the universities should be handled by the University directly.


  • STATEMENT:​​ the rates of interest on post office recurring deposit accounts have been increased with effect from 1st​​ October. This has been done to attract more deposits.

Courses of Action​​ 

  • Efforts should​​ also​​ be made to make the public aware about this increase in the rate of interest.

  • If the deposits don’t increase in 6 months the rate of interest should be further increased.


​​ 3.STATEMENT:​​ if the retired professors of the same institutes are also invited to deliberate the​​ restructuring of​​ the organisation, the contribution maybe very​​ beneficial​​ for the institute.

Course of Action:

  • Management May seek opinion of the employees before calling retired professionals.

  • Management should be involve experienced people for the systematic restructuring of​​ the organisation.


4.​​ STATEMENT:​​ Experts committee on industrial relation has revealed in their recent reports that not only the internal problems of the organisations where successfully managed through quality circle but also employees motivational level was increased significantly.

Course of Action​​ 

  • Organisations should organise orientation programs for their employee on quality circles.

  • Employees should be encouraged to join quality circle programs.



Ministry of Tourism in its one of the reports revealed that due to recent social disturbances in the country, the number of foreign tourists has decreased considerably which resulted in the financial loss of rupees hundred crore.

Course of Action:

  • The government should provide financial support to the tourism sector.

  • Foreign tourists should be informed that they visit the country at there risk.


​​ 6.STATEMENT:​​ ​​ There are more than 200 villages in the coastal area of Andhra which wear severally damage due to cyclone and it cost and extra burden of rupees 200​​ Crore​​ on State Government for relief and Rehabilitation work.

Course of Action:​​ 

  • People of coastal areas should be shifted to other safer places

  • State government should ask for more financial support from central government.


​​ 7​​ .STATEMENT:​​ Every​​ year,​​ at the beginning or at the end of the monsoon, we have some cases of conjunctivitis but this year, it seems to be major epidemic witnessed after nearly four hours.

Course of Action​​ 

  • Precautionary measures should be taken after every 4 year to check the epidemic.

  • People should be advised to drink boiled water during the monsoon season.


​​ 8.STATEMENT :​​ The department has come under a cloud with recent revaluations that at least two Senior officers are suspected to have been involved in the illegal sale of large quantity of vehicles from state armoury.

Course of Action:​​ 

  • Thoreau investigation should be ordered by the state government to find out all those who are involved in the illegal sale of arms.

  • State armoury should be kept under the central​​ govt.​​ Control.


​​ 9.STATEMENT:​​ The​​ experts​​ group of Legal education has stressed that​​ legal​​ education should be provided with children from​​ Primary School itself. It should be implemented in urban and ruler School simultaneously.

Course of Action:​​ 

  • ​​ Government should issue instructions to all the school for Legal education.

  • At least one teacher of school should be​​ trained in​​ legal​​ operation for teaching children.


10.STATEMENT:​​ Many cases of​​ Covid-19 were reported​​ ​​ from a village of​​ Kerala.

Course of Action: ​​ 

  • The questions should be raised in the Legislative Assembly.

  • A team of doctors should be raised to the village


Answer key

1 – a.​​ Reaction one is the right course of action which says that the student is ousted from college, the information should be sent to all the other colleges of University this is the way by which coordination between Universities and colleges can be maintained.

2​​ ​​ e. It is given in the statement that the rate of interest has been increased to attract more deposits.​​ Hence, public should be made aware of such increased so that the both the parties should be benefited.​​ If the response​​ for the deposit is lukewarm​​ the rate of interest should be further increased. Hence, both the action are right course of action.

3 – b.​​ Valuable suggestions from the retired professionals will be helpful for restructuring of an organisation. Management should involve search experience people. Seeking permission from the employer is not the right course of action.

4 – e.​​ Statement​​ emphasises​​ the benefits and effectiveness of quality circles. Hence, it is advisable that quality circle should be encouraged in the organisation and at the same time employee should be persuaded to join them hence both the action write course of actions.

5​​ ​​ d.​​ Financial support to the tourism sector is not a permanent solution. Secondly, constant risk for the foreign tourist will never encourage tourism in India.

6 – e. Victims should be shifted to the safer place has. Secondly affected state should ask for more financial help from central government to accelerate the relief operation.

7 – b.​​ It is not necessary that such an epidemic occurs after 4 years. His action one is not the right course of action. Secondly prevention during the monsoon season is the right step to face the problem of​​ conjunctivitis. So action 2 is the right course of action.

8​​ ​​ a. Keeping the state armoury under the supervision of Central Government control is not the right course of action to bring the guilty to the book. However, an investigation may help to reveal those involved in the illegal acts. Only action​​ 1​​ is the right course of action.

9 – e.​​ Both are the right course of action for effective implementation of Legal education at primary level in urban and rural schools.

10​​ –b.​​ Discussion on the problem in Legislative Assembly is the visible but does not provide any immediate relief to the victims. Hence, one is not the right course of action to be chosen for the problem. However, immediate medical aid will be definitely mitigate​​ the problem to a large extent. Hence,2 course of action is remedial step.


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