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Questions to Practice Passage and Inference for CLAT 2020

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Questions to Practice Passage and Inference for CLAT 2020

Questions to Practice Passage and Inference for CLAT 2020

Directions for​​ Questions​​ 1 to​​ 10​​ :​​ Two​​ passage​​ are​​ given below followed by several possible inferences which can be drawn from the facts stated in the passage.

Mark your answer as:

(a) if the inference is definitely true.

(b) if the inference is probably true.

c) if the data are inadequate.

(d) if the inference is probably false .

(e) if the inference is definitely false

​​ In the absence of an integrated sugar-field to sale policy, the Indian sugar industry has become a victim of surplus production and price mismatch of sugarcane and finished sugar. Despite a lower estimated sugar production at​​ around 12.8 million tonnes for 1996-97 against 16.7 million tonnes in the previous year, the total availability is put to 20.8​​ million tonnes including a carryover stock of 8 million tonnes from the previous year. Of this the domestic consumption may​​ not exceed 13.5 million tonnes. Though the industry could export 10.5 million tonnes to different countries during 1995-96, this year's export policy, existing norms and​​ international market conditions may bring down the export quantity to half a million tonnes.

1. There may be a fall in the sugar price during 1997-98.

2. The quantum of current year's sugar production is close to the envisaged.

3. India's sugar export was the highest in recent times during 1995-96.

4. India need not import sugar during the next few years.

5. India's export policy has made the sugar price non-competitive in the international market.

Urban services have not expanded fast enough to cope with urban expansion. Low investment​​ allocations have tended to be underspent. Both public (e.g., water and sewage) and private ( e.g., low income area housing)infrastructure quality has declined. The impact of the environment in which children live and the supporting services available to them when they fall ill, seems clear. The decline in average food availability and the rise in absolute poverty, point in the same unsatisfactory directions.

6. There is nothing to boast about urban services.

7. The public transport system is in the hand of private sector.

8. Birth rate is higher in urban areas as compared to rural areas.

9. Low cost urban housing is on the priority.

10. The environment around plays a important role on the health status.



Ans.1 - (a) It is given in the passage that there​​ has been surplus production in the year 1996-97,​​ so​​ conclusion is definitely true.

Ans.2-​​ (e) Conclusion is definitely false because it is clearly mentioned that production of sugar is 20.8 million tonnes against an estimate of 12.8 million tonnes.

Ans.3​​ -​​ (c) Data inadequate .

Ans.4​​ -​​ (b) Since there has been surplus production of sugar, hence it is likely that India will not require to import sugar during next few years.

Ans.5​​ -​​ (c) Data is not adequate

Ans.6​​ -​​ (a) It is mentioned in the passage that urban services have deteriorated due to meagre finances and related supports.

Ans.7-(c) It is not mentioned anywhere in the passage that public transport system is in the hands of private sector.

Ans.8-​​ (c) Data is inadequate.

Ans.9-(b) It is given in the passage that private infrastructure quality​​ .Therefore, it is very likely that low cost urban housing gets priority.

AAns.10​​ – a. It is clearly mentioned in the passage that environment plays an important role on health status.​​ So the conclusion is definitely true.

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