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Questions to Practice Course of Action for Logical Reasoning

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Questions to Practice Course of Action for Logical Reasoning

Questions to Practice Course of Action for Logical Reasoning


Directions for Questions 1 to 5​​ : In each of the questions below is given a statement followed by two courses of action numbered I and II. A course of action is a step or administrative decision to be taken for improvement, follow-up or further action in regard to the problem, policy etc. On the​​ basis of the information given in the statement, you have to assume everything in the statement to be true, then decide​​ which of the suggested courses of action logically follow(s) worth pursuing.

Mark your answer as :

(a) if only I follows

(b) if only II follows

(c) if either I or II follows

(d) if neither I nor II follows

(e) if both I and II follow1.

Statement​​ :

The ground water in the locality has been found to contain high level of arsenic making it dangerous to drink.

Courses of Action:

I. The people living in the area should be shifted to another areas to avoid a catastrophic situation.

II. The Government should make arrangements for supply of safe drinking water.

2.​​ Statement​​ : A severe storm is likely to hit the city during the next forty-eight hours.

Courses of Action​​ :

I. The administrations should advise all the business and educational establishments to close.

II. The administration should activate its Disaster management Programme to tackle any possible emergency situation.

3. Statement : As stated in the recent census report, the female to male ratio is alarmingly low.

Courses of Action​​ :

1. The Government should conduct another census to verify the results.

II. The Government should immediately issue orders to all departments to encourage people to improve the​​ ratio.

4.​​ Statement​​ : Prices of essential commodities have risen alarmingly due to prolonged transport strike.

Courses of Action​​ :

I. The transporters' association should be ordered by the Government to immediately withdraw strike call or else they will face severe consequences.

II. The Government should take help of military vehicles to restore supply of essential goods to the city

5.​​ Statement​​ : A large number of students studying in vernacular medium have not passed the Xth standard final examination.

Courses of Action​​ :

I. The Government should immediately review the​​ situation and initiate measures to improve the it.

II. All the teachers of these schools should be issued​​ notices to improve performance of the students.

Directions for Q. No. 6 to 10 : Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions in the form of​​ conclusions based on the passage.

Mark your answer as:

(a) if the conclusion is definitely true,

(b) if the conclusion is probably true,

(c) if the data are inadequate to answer,

(d) if the conclusion is probably false,

(e) if the conclusion is definitely false.

Passage : The only dark cloud in the economic horizon is the rather unsatisfactory foreign exchange and one may hope that the industry will play its role in improving it by contributing to its export. The all round progress of our company is continuing. I am happy to report that during the first half of the current year (April-Sep, 1989), there has been further improvement in its working.

6. The country is having inadequate foreign exchange reserves.

7. The current financial year of the company will end on 31st March, 1990.

8. In foreign countries, there is no demand for the products manufactured by our company.

9. The Government of the country has asked the company to export its goods.

10. The report is presented by the Chairman of the company to the share holders.



​​ Ans.1 - b. First course of action lacks the practical aspect.​​ Second is feasible.

Ans.2 - e. Both the courses of action are suitable.

Ans.3 - e. Both the courses of action are suitable.

Ans.4 - b. Every establishment/institution has the legal right to protest by way of strike. However, course of action (II)​​ is the right course of action.

Ans.5 - e. Both courses of action are suitable for pursuing.

Ans.6 - a. Conclusion is definitely true as it is clear from the passage

Ans.7 - a. Conclusion is definitely true as it is clear from the last​​ line.

Ans.8 - c. Data is inadequate.

Ans.9 - c. Data is inadequate.

Ans.10 - c. Data is inadequate.

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