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Questions on Passage Conclusion for Law Entrance Exams

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Questions on Passage Conclusion for Law Entrance Exams

Questions on Passage Conclusion for Law Entrance Exams

Directions for Q. No. 1 to 10 : Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions in the form of conclusions based on the passage.

Mark your answer as :

(a) if the conclusion is definitely true,

(b) if the conclusion is probably true,

(c) if the data are inadequate to answer,

(d) if the conclusion is probably false,

(e) if the conclusion is definitely false.


Passage I :​​ 

Although studies have shown that India's performance in health (level as well as speed) is poor (UNDP, 1992), but the health status, in general, has improved. Life expectancy and infant survival conditions are better than what is predicted for a country with India's level of income. Between 1951 and 1992, Life Expectancy at Birth (LEB) increased from 32.1 years to 60.3 years, the death rate fell from 27.4 to 10 per thousand and IMR fell from 139 per thousand live birth in 1972 to 1979 in 1992. But, the improvement has not been even across regions, and between genders. An attempt is made here to look at the international disparities in health development.

1. Performance in speed of health has no bearing on health status.

2. Infant survival conditions are not good in India.

3. There is regional disparity health improvement in India.

4. Reports of UNDP are the only reliable reports in matters of health.

5. India has surpassed many countries in forms of health improvement from 1951 to 1992.



Passage II :​​ 

While liberalization essentially involves dismantling the barriers to entry and exit and the lifting of controls, it does not automatically imply any regulation at all. In fact, regulation assumes its own level of sophistication in terms of letting the system operate without unnecessarily restraining it, while at the same time protecting the financial system from its own excesses. In the banking sector, for instance, while liberalization can ring about a removal of barriers on the entry of new banks and credit restrictions, it is accompanied by a more stringent set of prudential, supervisory and regulatory structure. Similarly, in the area of capital market, while​​ liberalization​​ could mean the opening up of markets to new products and new participants, regulation is put in place to protect investors' and to prevent excessive speculation.

6.​​ Liberalization​​ is synonymous with deregulation.

7. Regulation must be done sensibly.

8. The financial system needs to have some regulation even in a free-market economy.

9. Excessive speculation was unheard of in the pre-liberalisation stock markets.

10. The author of the piece is an economist of good standards.


Answer key

Ans.1 – a. The conclusion is definitely true. ( Given in the passage)

Ans.2 – b. The conclusion is probably true

Ans.3 – a. The conclusion is definitely true.​​ 

Ans.4 – d.​​ The conclusion is probably false.

Ans.5 – c. Data inadequate. ( Not mentioned in the passage)

Ans.6 – e. The conclusion is definitely False

Ans.7 – a. The conclusion is definitely true

Ans.8 – a, The conclusion is definitely true

Ans.9 – c. Data inadequate. ( It is not given in the above passage)

Ans.10 – b. The conclusion is probably true



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First published on February 4, 2021. 

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