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Questions on Passage and Conclusion for Logical Reasoning

Questions on Passage and Conclusion for Logical Reasoning

Questions on Passage and Conclusion for Logical Reasoning

Directions for Q. No. 1 to 10​​ : Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions in the form of conclusions based on the passage.

Mark your answer as :

(a) if the conclusion is definitely true,

(b) if the conclusion is probably true,

(c) if the data are inadequate to answer,

(d) if the conclusion is probably false,

(e) if the conclusion is definitely false.

I : The complexion of the world economy has changed beyond recognition. A few years ago, the rest while Soviet Union and its friends used to accuse the World Bank, IMF and Other International Institutions as the promoters of economic imperialism of USA and its allies and in the same breath as the bloodsuckers of the poorer member-countries. GATT for them, was a rich man's club. In their views, transnational corporations were worse than the dreaded buccaneers. These corporations worked exclusively for the benefit of parent countries and exploited the host countries thoroughly. Economic relation communist countries remained chiefly confined within the four walls of communism. However, it crossed over to some third world countries as well.

1. The erstwhile Soviet Union was not a member of GATT.

2. The IMF is not accused of being a promoter of economic imperialism of USA anymore.

3. The erstwhile Soviet Union had economic relations with the USA

4. The world's economic scenario has changed rapidly because of a change in the stance of the Communist nations.

5. GATT has stopped exploiting its host countries.

Passage II :​​ 

The South Asian region has its own regional identity. The common issues or themes shared by the South Asian Nations are colonial rule, under-development, unemployment, illiteracy, poverty, gender inequality and relatively unstable political system, as compared to the developed nations. All these countries have been ruled by Western powers for quite some time. The​​ economy is still in a developing stage. Almost half of the population is illiterate and mass unemployment has resulted in immense poverty. There have been frequent changes in the Governments. Women in most of South Asian Countries are an object of physical and mental oppression.

6. Pakistan has seen more Governments than India.

7. 30 million Indians are illiterate.

8. The situation of women is better in the developed nations than in South Asian Countries.

9. The Gross Domestic Product of most of the South Asian Countries is below the world average.

10. The number of female entrepreneurs is more in South Asian Nations than that of male ones.



Answer key

Ans.1 – b. Inference is probably true.

Ans.2 – b. Inference is probably true.

​​ Ans.3 – e. Inference is definitely false.

Ans.4 – c. Data inadequate

Ans.5 – e.​​ Inference is definitely false

Ans.6 – a.​​ Inference is definitely true. (It is mentioned in the above passage)

Ans.7 – e.​​ Inference is definitely false.​​ 

Ans.8 – a.​​ Inference is definitely true. ( It is mentioned in the above passage )

Ans.9 – b. Inference is probably true

Ans.10 – d.​​ Inference is probably false



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