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Questions on Hexagonal Seating Arrangement and Room Allotment

Questions on Hexagonal Seating Arrangement and Room Allotment

Questions on Hexagonal Seating Arrangement and Room Allotment

Direction​​ (Question​​ 1 -5)Read the passage carefully​​ answer the questions given below.

Six colleagues P, Q, R, S, T and U are​​ ​​ sitting around the hexagonal table each at one corner and facing the centre of hexagonal. P​​ is​​ Sitting second to the left of​​ U. Q​​ is neighbour of R and S. T​​ is sitting second to the left of​​ S.

  • Who is the fourth person to the left of​​ Q?

  • P

  • U

  • R

  • NOT​​ 

  • ​​ Who is sitting opposite to​​ P?

  • R

  • T

  • S

  • Q

  • ​​ Who is sitting​​ 3rd​​ right​​ ​​ to​​ T?

  • R

  • S

  • Q

  • NOT

  • Who is the third person right to the​​ S?

  • P

  • T

  • U

  • Q

  • Which of the following are the​​ neighbours​​ of​​ P?

  • U and S

  • T and R

  • U and R

  • S and T


Direction​​ (Question​​ 6-10)Read the following information carefully and answer the questions.

In​​ a hotel,​​ Six​​ rooms​​ ​​ on a floor in two rows facing North and South are allotted to​​ six friends​​ A, B,​​ C, D​​ ,E and F​​ who went on a trip. B​​ gets a north​​ facing​​ room​​ and is not next to D. D and F​​ gets diagonally opposite​​ rooms​​ .​​ C next to F, gets a south​​ facing room and E​​ gets a north facing room.

6.The room of which other pair then​​ DF, is diagonally opposite to each other?

  • AE

  • AB

  • BC

  • DE

7.Whose room is between​​ B and D?

  • E

  • F

  • C

  • A

8.Whose room is just opposite to E?

  • D

  • C

  • F

  • A

9.which of the combination gets south facing​​ rooms?

  • FAE

  • FCA

  • FDE

  • BDA

10.Which​​ which of the combination gets north facing rooms?

  • BAE

  • BDE

  • CAB

  • DEF


Answer Key

Ans.1​​ –a. As we can see in fig.1​​ ​​ P is forth person to the left of Q.

Ans.2​​ –c.​​ S is sitting opposite to P.

Ans.3 – c. Q is sitting 3rd​​ to the right of T.

Ans.4 – a. P is sitting​​ 3rd​​ to the right of S.

Ans.5​​ –In the figure we can see T & R are the​​ neighbors​​ of​​ P.

Ans.6​​ – b.​​ Apart from​​ DF, B and A​​ has diagonally​​ opposite rooms.

Ans.7 – a. From the​​ fig. 2 we can easily find out that​​ T​​ has room between B and D.

Ans.8​​ –b. C’s room is just opposite to ​​ E. (Refer to fig.2)

Ans.9​​ – b. FAC​​ get​​ the south facing rooms.

Ans.10 – b.​​ BED​​ get the north facing rooms.


AUG 1.jpg

​​ Fig.1




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