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Questions on Gift under Transfer of Property Act

Choose the correct options from the following given options:

  1. Which of the following is not essential for a gift?

a. passing of consideration

b. donor

c. donee

d. transfer

Ans. a

2. Under TPA, if the donor dies before acceptance of the gift by the donee, the gift is

a. valid

b. void

c. voidable

d. none of these

Ans. b

3. Section 122 of the TPA deals with which following kinds of gift, namely

a. gift inter vivos

b. gift moritis causa

c. gift by will

d. all the above

Ans. a

4. Under the Transfer of Property Act 1882, the gift can be done of

a. only movable property

b. only immovable property

c. both movable and immovable property

d. agricultural land only

Ans. c

5. The registration of a gift of immovable is

a. compulsory

b. optional

c. compulsory in relation to ancestral property

d. depends on the court

Ans. a

6. If the donee dies before the acceptance of the gift, the gift is

a. voidable

b. valid

c. illegal

d. void

Ans. d

7. ‘A’ makes a gift of a house of ‘B’ with whom he has past illicit cohabitation. The transfer is:

a. void

b. valid

c. invalid

d. None of the above

Ans. c

8. Under the Transfer of Property Act 1882, gift of future property is

a. valid

b. voidable

c. void

d. irregular

Ans. c

9. A gift of immovable property can be given by

a. delivery of immovable property

b. written instrument

c. delivery and registration of document

d. none of the above

Ans. c

10. Which of the following gift is not governed by TPA?

a. onerous gift

b. mortis causa gift

c. universal gift

d. gift to a disqualified person

Ans. b

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