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Questions on Fundamental Duties for CLAT

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Choose the correct option from the following given options:

  1. According to the decision of B. Emmanual v. State of Kerela, what is imperative to show the requisite respect to the National Anthem?

a. to bow

b. to sing the same

c. to stand respectfully

d. to sing and stand respectfully

Ans. c

2. Under Indian Constitution, ‘To value and preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture’ is a

a. fundamental right

b. fundamental duty

c. directive principles

d. social moraliry

Ans. b

3. Protection of lakes is an objective expressly states in which one of the following?

a. fundamental duties

b. directive principles

c. fundamental rights

d. 11th Schedule to the constitution

Ans. a

4. Which of the following fundamental duties has been added by the 86th Amendment of the Constitution?

a. duty to develop scientific temper

b. duty to safeguard public property

c. duty to defend country and render national service when called upon to do so

d. duty of parent to provide opportunity for education to his child

Ans. d

5. Respect for the National flag and the National anthem is

a. fundamental right of every citizen

b. fundamental duty of every citizen

c. directive principle of state policy

d. an ordinary duty of every citizen

Ans. b

6. Which one of the following amendment accorded precedence to Directive Principle over fundamental rights?

a. 44

b. 24

c. 39

d. 42

Ans. d

7. Fundamental duties of citizens of India are found in the following Article of the Constitution:

a. 23

b. 40

c. 49

d. 51 A

Ans. d

8. Article 51 A provides for the fundamental duties of

a. citizens of India

b. foreigners

c. public servants

d. none of the above

Ans. a

9. In which case, the Supreme Court has held that fundamental duties must be used as a tool to control state action drifting from Constitutional values?

a. L.K. Koolwal v. State of Rajasthan

b. M.C. Mehta v. Union of India

c. Sachidanand Pandey v. State of West Bengal

d. AIIMS Students Union v. AIIMS

Ans. d

10. Swaran Singh committee recommendations resulted in formulation of

a. directive principles

b. minorities

c. fundamental rights

d. fundamental duties

Ans. d

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First published on April 28, 2021. 



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