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Questions on Directive Principles under the Constitution of India

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Choose the correct option from the following given options

  1. The Directive Principle:

a. justifiable the same way as the fundamental rights

b. justifiable though not the same wat, as the fundamental rights

c. decorative portions of the Indian Constitution

d. not justifiable yet fundamental in the governance of the country

Ans. d

2. The binding force behind the Directive Principles of State Policy is

a. public opinion

b. government

c. constitution

d. administration

Ans. a

3. According to the Constitution of India which of the following are fundamental for the governance of the country

a. fundamental rights

b. fundamental duties

c. directive principles

d. both a and b

Ans. c

4. DPSP are

a. justifiable

b. non-justifiable

c. enforceable

d. none of the above

Ans. b

5. The DPSP under the Constitution of India aimed at creating a

a. secular society

b. caste-less society

c. welfare state

d. industrial state

Ans. c

6. In India, which one of the following is the real guiding factor for the State to meet social needs and for the establishment of new social order?

a. fundamental rights

b. preamble

c. directive principles

d. distribution of powers

Ans. c

7. Which one of the following amendment accorded precedence to Directive Principle over Fundamental Rights?

a. 44th Amendment

b. 24th Amendment

c. 39th Amendment

d. 42nd Amendment

Ans. d

8. The term ‘equal pay for equal work’ is a

a. Directive Principle

b. Statutory provision in Labor law

c. Fundamental right

d. Matter of State to pass Bill

Ans. a

9. Article 39 A of the Constitution pertains to

a. equality before law

b. equality of opportunity in matters of public employment

c. equal justice and free legal aid

d. right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions

Ans. c

10. Right to work is a

a. fundamental right

b. directive principle

c. statutory right

d. constitutional duty

Ans. b

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