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Questions for Practice on Time and Work for CLAT 2020

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Questions for Practice on Time and Work for CLAT 2020

Questions for Practice on Time and Work for CLAT 2020

Question 1-3:​​ Roman can craft a Wood work in 24 days which Sonam can do in 18 days. ​​ Answer the following questions:

  • In how many days they can together complete the work?

  • Who is more Efficient and by how much percent?

  • If they on work alternate days starting with Roman, when will be the work complete?​​ 

Question 4-6:​​ Mili starts working on​​ a project and works on it for 20​​ days and complete 40% of the project. After some days, Nita joins the project and together they complete the project in another 12​​ days.​​ 

  • How long would Mili​​ take to complete the job alone?

  • If they started to work together from the beginning, how long they would have taken to complete the job?

  • What is the ratio of time that Nita would take to that of the time Mili would take if they worked alone?

Question 7-8:​​ Pipe A can fill a tank in 2.5 hours. There is a leak​​ at the bottom of the tank and hence it takes twice longer to fill the tank.​​ 

  • In how many hours the full tank will get empty, if pipe A is closed?

  • If another pipe B takes 2 hours​​ to completely fill​​ the​​ tank, in how many hours they can together fill the tank​​ without any leakage?

Question 9-10:​​ If three taps are opened together, a tank gets filled in 10​​ hours. Filling alone, one tap takes 5 hours, another takes 10 hours.​​ 

  • At what rate 3rd​​ tap can fill the tank?

  • ​​ If only 1 and 3rd​​ tap were open, how long it will take to fill the tank? ​​ 

Answer and Solutions:

  • Ans: 10 +2/7days

Sol:​​ LCM of 18 and 24 is 72, we can assume that there is a total of 72 units of work has to be done in total. So in 1 day, Roman can do 72/24 =3 units of work in one day while Sonam can complete 72/18 = 4 units of work in one day.

Hence in one day, together they can do 3+4 = 7 units of work.

Therefore, 72 units of work can be done in = 72/7 = 10 +2/7days

  • Ans:​​ Sonam by 33.33%​​ 

Sol:​​ Roman’s one day work = 3 units

Sonam’s one day work = 4 units

Efficiency in terms of per day work = 4-3/3 *100 = 33.33 %

Sonam is 33.33% more efficient than Roman.

  • Ans:​​ 20 + 2/3 days

Sol:​​ If Roman started working, on first day he will complete 3 units of work, and next day Sonam will complete 4 units of work. Hence in 2 days they will complete 7 units of work.​​ 

Hence, in 20 days (i.e. 10 complete cycles) time 7*10=70 units of work. Remaining work is 2 units done by Roman on 11th​​ day. But roman can do 3 units of work in one day, 2 units left will take 2/3 time. Hence,​​ in total they will take​​ 20+​​ 2/3 days to complete the work.

  • Ans:​​ 50 days

Sol:​​ If Mili​​ can do 40% of work in 20 days, she can complete the next 40% of work in another 20 days, and 20% work in 10 days. Hence for completing the whole work alone she would take 20+20+10 days = 50 days.​​ 

  • Ans:​​ 20 days

Sol:​​ In 12 days the remaining​​ 60% of the work is done. Hence for​​ completing 100%​​ of work​​ they would need 12*100/60 = 20 days

  • Ans:​​ 2:3

Sol:​​ Mili alone can do the work alone in 50 days. And together they would take 20 days; Let Nita would take b days.

1/50 + 1/b = 1/20 => b = 100/3 days

Ratio of time they would take alone =

Nita alone time / Mili alone time= 100/50*3 = 2/3

  • Ans:​​ 10 hours

Sol:​​ When pipe a works along with leakage, the total time taken is 2*2.5=5 hours

So, 1/2.5 – 1/x =1/5​​ 

X= 2.5 hours

LCM of 2.5 and 5 is 5. So, work required to be done is 5 units, in 1 hour, A can do 5/2.5 = 2 units of work.

Work done per hour = 1 unit. Leakage per hour = 5/2.5 = 2​​ 

So, negative work done =2.5-2 = 0.5 unit in 1 hour.

Hence to complete the task of 5 unit = 5/0.5 = 10 hours.

  • Ans:1.111 hours

Sol:​​ A takes 2.5 hours alone, while another pipe takes 2 hours;

1/A=1/2.5 + ½ = (4+5)/10= 9/10

Hence, together they take = 10/9= 1.111 hours

  • ​​ Ans:​​ 5 hours negative work​​ 

Sol:​​ If tap​​ A take 5 hours and pipe B takes 10 hours to completely fill the tank.

Together all three​​ took 9 hours to fill, hence 1/10​​ = 1/a+1/b +1/c​​ 

1/c = 1/10​​ -1/10 - 1/5​​ => x= -5,​​ 

This shows that tap 3 can empty a tank in 5 hours. As negative sign is showing that third tap is doing leakage work. ​​ 

  • Ans:​​ zero

Sol:​​ If only 1st​​ and 3rd​​ tap are open then, 1/5 – 1/5 = 0. This suggests that, the tank will never be filled as both​​ the taps are cutting each other​​ work.

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