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Questions for Practice on Square and Circular Seating Arrangement

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Questions for Practice on Square and Circular Seating Arrangement




Questions for Practice on Square and Circular Seating Arrangement

Direction​​ (1 to 5 ):​​ Study the following sitting arrangement carefully and answer the given questions.

Passage I

Eight friends, P, Q, R, S, T, V, W and Y​​ are sitting around a square table in such a way that four of them sit at four corners of the square while​​ four sit​​ it in the middle of each of four sides.​​ The one who sit at four corners faces​​ the centre while those who sit in the middle of the sides faces​​ outside.​​ P who faces​​ the​​ Centre sits third to the right of V. T, who faces Centre, is not an immediate neighbour of​​ V. Only​​ one person sits between​​ V​​ and​​ W.​​ S ​​ sits second to the right of Q. Q faces the centre. R is not an immediate​​ neighbour of P.

1.​​ Which​​ of the following statement is true regarding R?

  • R is an immediate neighbour of V.

  • R faces the centre​​ 

  • Q sits third to left of R

  • R sits exactly between T and S

2.​​ What is​​ the position of T with respect to V.

  • Fourth to the left

  • Second to the left​​ 

  • Second to the right

  • Third to the​​ left ​​ 

3.​​ Who​​ sits second to the left of Q?

  • V

  • Y

  • P

  • S

4.​​ Who sits​​ third to the left of V?

  • S

  • P

  • T

  • Y

5.​​ Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on the above arrangement and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?

  • R

  • W

  • V

  • S

  • Y


Direction (6-10)​​ Study the following sitting arrangement carefully and answer the given questions.​​ 

P, Q,​​ R, S , T, U, V and​​ W​​ ​​ are sitting around the circle and are facing the centre.​​ P is second to the right of T who is neighbour of R and V.​​ S ​​ is not the neighbour of P. V is ​​ the neighbour of​​ U.​​ W is sitting between S and U.

6.​​ Who is an immediate​​ right of​​ V?

  • P

  • U

  • T

  • S

7.​​ Which of​​ the following statement is correct?

  • P is immediate right of Q

  • S ​​ is to the immediate left of W

  • R is between U and V.

  • U is between W and S.

8.​​ Which two​​ of the following are not neighbours?

  • UV

  • RV

  • RP

  • QS

9.​​ Who is the immediate neighbour of S?

  • U

  • V

  • Q

  • P

10.​​ What​​ is the position of S?

  • Between U & V

  • Second to the right of P

  • Immediate​​ right of W

  • NOT


Answer key


Ans.1​​ -c​​ “Q sits 3rd​​ to the left of R” is true​​ statement regarding​​ R. We can easily find out​​ from the figure

Ans.2​​ – d.​​ T is sitting third to the left of V.

Ans.3​​ –c. P is​​ sitting 2nd​​ to the left of Q.

Ans.4​​ –c. T is​​ sitting third to the left of V.

Ans.5​​ –d. Except​​ S in the option​​ . Everyone else is facing outside.



Ans.6 – c. T is sitting​​ immediate right of V.

Ans.7​​ ​​ b. From the figure​​ we can easily get that S is sitting immediate left of W.

Ans.8​​ ​​ b. In the given options only R​​ and​​ V ​​ are not the immediate neighbours.

Ans.9​​ – c. In the​​ figure we can see W and Q are the immediate neighbours of S.

Ans. 10​​ – b. S is sitting second to the right of P.


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