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All You Need to Know About the Preference List for CLAT 2020

Now that the result for CLAT 2020 (UG & PG) are declared, a lot of confusion with respect to the preference list for CLAT 2020, is seen among the candidates. Even the candidates who have secured decent ranks, they are unaware about how they should go about filling the Preference list for the counselling process.

Please keep in mind one thing that filling the preference list properly is as important as securing a good rank and like always, we are happy to help!

We know that as soon as the results are announced, we rush to see the opening and closing ranks for the participating Universities to predict where I would land. It is only good for prediction purposes.

Remember that you are not asked to fill the Top 5 or Top 10 colleges that you want. Rather, you have to rank all the participating universities as per your preference and then as per your preference, they will check each University (in the order of your preference) for the availability of seats, when they get to your rank and then they allot the seat to you.

After they have allotted the seats, they check for seats that have not been filled and then a second or a subsequent list is made out for the next few ranks.


For UG students, there is not a variety of courses to choose from and therefore their preference list for CLAT 2020 must be based upon the college they want to get in.

Generally, all the colleges offer B.A. LL.B or B.B.A LL.B but some NLUs like Gandhi Nagar National Law University may offer other courses like B.Com LLB or B.S.W LL.B as well. Other than this, in our opinion, a UG Candidate should fill the Preference List for top 10 colleges in the following order:

  1. NLSIU Bangalore
  2. NALSAR Hyderabad
  3. WBNUJS Kolkata
  4. NLIU Bhopal/NLU Jodhpur
  5. GNLU Gandhinagar
  6. HNLU, Raipur/MNLU, Mumbai
  7. RMLNLU, Lucknow
  8. RGNUL Patiala/NLUO Cuttack/NUALS Kochi
  9. NLUJA Assam
  10. CNLU Patna/NUSRL Ranchi/TNNLU Trichy
UniversityUndergraduate Course offered
NLSIU BangaloreB.A, LL.B (Hons.)
NALSAR HyderabadB.A, LL.B (Hons.)
NUJS KolkataB.A./ BSc. LL.B (Hons.)
NLU JodhpurB.A, LL.B (Hons.)/ B.B.A., LL.B (Hons.)
GNLU GandhinagarBA/BCom/BBA/BSc/BSW LL.B. (Hons.)


RGNUL PatialaB.A., LL.B (Hons.)
RMLNLU LucknowB.A, LL.B (Hons.)
NLUO CuttackB.A, LL.B (Hons.)/ B.B.A., LL.B (Hons.)
NLUJA AssamB.A, LL.B (Hons.)
NLIU BhopalB.A, LL.B (Hons.)


For instance, you have secured Rank 254 and by your research of opening and closing rank of 2019, you are likely to land in WBNUJS Kolkata. But you have always wanted to get the admission in NLSIU Bangalore but it closes on rank 100.

You should fill NLSIU higher than WBNUJS in the preference list because while allotting, the authorities will check for a vacant seat in the college you have preferred first. If the seat is not available there, they will move to your next preference and so on.

So, filling your preference list like this will make sure that you don’t lose any chance to get in the University as per your preference.

The table below gives details about the courses offered for LL.M in aforementioned Universities

UniversityCourses offered for LLM
NLSIU Bangalore1.      Business Laws

2.      Human Rights laws

NALSAR Hyderabad1.      Legal Pedagogy and Research

2.      Corporate and Commercial Law

3.      Criminal Law

4.      IPR

5.      International Trade and Business law

6.      Personal Law

7.      Public Law and legal theory

8.      Legal Consumer Law and Practice

Note: Three mandatory courses are Research Methods and Legal Writing, Comparative Public Law/Systems of Governance, Law and Justice in Globalizing World.

WBNUJS Kolkata1.      Corporate and Commercial law

2.      International and comparative Law

NLIU Bhopal1.      Human Rights

2.      Intellectual Property & Business Law

3.       Constitutional and Administrative Law

4.      Business Law and Criminal Law

NLU JodhpurCorporate Laws and IPR
GNLU Gandhinagar1.      Corporate and Business law

2.      International Comparative law

3.      IPR

4.      Constitutional and Administrative law

5.      Legal Education, Teaching and Research

RMLNLU LucknowAlong with the fixed mandatory subjects, the choice of optional subjects is there. The optional subjects include Constitutional law, Business law, Administrative law, Environment law, Criminal law, International law, Jurisprudence, IPR, Labour Law and Human rights
RGNUL Patiala1.      Constitutional law

2.      Business law

3.      Criminal Law

4.      International Law

(2 specializations)

NLUO Cuttack1.      Constitutional law and administrative law

2.      Corporate law and commercial law

NLUJA Assam1.      Corporate and Commercial Laws

2.      Intellectual Property Laws

3.      International Law

4.      Environmental Law

5.      Constitutional Law

6.      Personal Laws

7.      Human Rights Law



These universities have varying number of seats reserved as a result of the vertical and horizontal reservation. Visit the official website of each university for exact breakup of seats. The categories in which one might get reservation are:

  1. Scheduled Caste (SC).
  2. Scheduled Tribe (ST)
  3. Other Backward Classes (OBC)
  4. Physically Disabled Candidates (PWD)
  5. State Quota
  6. NRI Quota
  7. Students from Jammu and Kashmir
  8. Women (Horizontal)


Another thing that you must keep in mind is that even if you didn’t get the desired college, there is always a  probability that after the last list of seat allocation is released by the Consortium, the vacant seats notification are published on the official website of the Universities where seats have not been filled.

All you need to do is just keep an eye on the notices published by these Universities on their official website and you might get the college you desired.

We wish you all the best!

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