Choose the correct option from the following given options:

  1. ‘Desertion’within the purview of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 is:

a. a total repudiation of obligations of marriage

b. a partial repudiation of the obligations of marriage

c. a suspension of obligations of marriage

d. equivalent to judicial separation

Ans. a

2. Which one of the following is not a ground for divorce?

a. Desertion

b. Mental cruelty

c. Adultery

d. Irretrievable breakdown of marriage

Ans. d

3. Consent theory of divorce was introduced in the Hindu Marriage Act in the year

a. 1979

b. 1976

c. 1964

d. 1956

Ans. b

4. Sodomy is a ground of divorce under the

a. Hindu Marriage Act

b. Indian Christian Marriage Act

c. Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act

d. Divorce Act

Ans. a

5. The bar to entertain a petition for divorce operates for a period of

a. three years from the date of marriage

b. two years from the date of marriage

c. one year from the date of marriage

d. six months from the date of marriage

6. Dastane v. Dastane is a case on

a. Adoption

b. Divorce

c. Marriage

d. Maintenance

Ans. b

7. Bigamous marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 is

a. Valid

b. Void

c. Voidable

d. Irregular

Ans. b

8. The child born of void and voidable marriage under Hindu Law is

a. Legitimate

b. Illegitimate

c. Illegal

d. None of the above

Ans. a

9. A marries B the widow of his elder brother. The marriage is

a. valid

b. void

c. voidable

d. none of the above

Ans. b

10. A Hindu wife is not entitled to separate residence and maintenance if she

a. becomes unchaste

b. ceases to be a Hindu by conversion

c. is living separately on her own volition

d. All of these

Ans. d

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