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Practice Questions on Coding Decoding for CLAT

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Given below are the practice questions on Coding-Decoding for CLAT, AILET and other law entrance examinations. To revise the concept of Coding-Decoding, click here


Always time your test tasks. Now, put your phone away and try to solve these questions under 10 minutes!

Q1. If BALL is 211212 and WALL is 2311212, what is HELL?

(a) 811212                                                                 (b) 211212

(c) 2111212                                                           (d) none of these.

Answer: (a)

Q2. If LOVE is YBIR and POND is CBAQ, what is the code for YELLOW?

(a) WOLLEY                                                             (b) LEYLOW

(c) LRYYBJ                                                              (d) none of these.

Answer: (c)

Q3. If PEACOCK is AEPCKCO and PENGUIN is NEPGNIU. What is the code for EAGLE?

(a) GEAEL                                                                (b) AEGEL

(c) ELGEA                                                                (d) none of these

Answer: (b)

Q4. If in a certain code, AFRICA is written as 1517821 and AMERICA is written as 112417821. How would you code INDIA?

(a) 913381                                                                 (b) 813381

(c) 813382                                                                 (d) none of these

Q5. If ‘po pi pa’ is ‘blow big balloons’. ‘do pa di’ is ‘burst blue balloons’. ‘do pi pa’ is ‘blow blue balloons’. What is the code for ‘big’?

(a) po                                                                        (b) pi

(c) pa                                                                         (d) do

Answer: (a) po

Q6. If “Phi Shi Dhi” is “ I love fishing”. “ Dhi Bhi Chi” is “ weather suits fishing”. “ Phi Bhi Rhi” is  “love this weather”. What is the code for “this”?

(a) Phi                                                                       (b) Shi

(c) Rhi                                                                       (d) Dhi

Answer: Rhi

Q7. If ‘PAPAYA’ is coded as ‘QZQZZZ’, ‘BANANA’ is coded as ‘CZMZMZ’, what will be the code for ‘ORANGE’?

(a) PQBMHD                                                            (b) PQZMHD

(c) PQRBHEG                                                           (d) none of these

Answer: (a)

Q8. If ‘BLUE’ is coded as ‘215212’, ‘PINK’ is coded as ‘1114169’. What will be the code for ‘DOOR’?

(a) 4151518                                                               (b) 1518415

(c) 1518154                                                               (d) none of these

Q9. If ‘GREEN’ is coded as ‘HTHIS’, ‘RED’ is coded as ‘SGG’,        ‘BLUE’ is coded as ‘CNXI’, what will be the code for ‘BLACK’?

(a) CNDGP                                                                (b) CNGDP

(c) CNPGD                                                                (d) none of these

Q10. If ‘DOOR’ = 52, ‘FLOOR’ = 70, how should ‘OUTDOOR’ be coded?

(a) 112                                                                       (b) 108

(c) 122                                                                       (d) none of these

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First published on December 24, 2020. 


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