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Practice Questions on Blood Relations for SLAT

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Practice Questions on Blood Relations for SLAT

Practice Questions on Blood Relations for SLAT

  • The daughter of my father’s only​​ child​​ is my father’s

  • Daughter

  • Grand daughter

  • Niece

  • Cousin


  • Happy is the only daughter of Pushkar’s father. Pushkar is​​ 

  • Male

  • Female​​ 

  • Cannot be determined

  • None of these


  • Which of the following relations is not by virtue of marriage?

  • Mother in law

  • Husband

  • Father in law

  • Cousin


  • Karan is the only child of Amrit who is the daughter of Rahul’s only son​​ Amber. Karan is Rahul’s :

  • Great granddaughter

  • Great Grandson

  • Either (a) or (b)

  • Grandson

  • In a family get together, Aarti introduced Poornima as the daughter of the wife of his brother’s wife’s father in law. Poornima is ​​ Aarti’s

  • Daughter

  • Niece

  • Sister

  • Aunt


  • The uncle of the only sister of Pawni’s father’s​​ wife is​​ the brother of​​ husband of Prateek’s mother’s mother. How is Pawni related to Prateek?

  • Niece

  • Aunt

  • Cousin​​ or siblings

  • None of these


  • Looking at a portrait, Anu said that she was the mother of the children of my wife. The person in the portrait is Anu’s​​ 

  • Wife

  • Mother

  • Mother in Law

  • Husband


  • The child of the wife of my mother in law’s only son, is my

  • Son

  • Daughter

  • Sister

  • Cannot be determine


  • Who among the following could be Ashima’s niece?

  • Ashima’s brother’s son

  • Daughter of wife of Ashima’s father

  • Daughter of husband of Ashima’s sister

  • Son of wife of Ashima’s father



Akash is the father of Aditi but Aditi is not the daughter of Akash. Abir is the son of Aditi but Aditi is not his mother. Aditi’s brother is Ashish and Ashish has a child Kriti. Aisha is daughter of son of Abir. Who is the granddaughter of Akash?​​ 

  • Aisha

  • Kriti

  • Aditi

  • Cannot be determined


  • (b)​​ ​​ My father’s only child would be me and therefore my daughter would be his​​ granddaughter.

  • (a)​​ Since Happy and Pushkar​​ are siblings and Happy is the only daughter, therefore Pushkar is the son i.e. male.

  • (d). Cousin is by​​ virtue​​ of your birth in a particular family.

  • (c) Since Karan is in 3rd​​ generation from​​ Rahul​​ and Karan’s gender is also not known, therefore although we are sure that Karan is Rahul’s​​ Great-grandchild, we are unsure of his gender

  • (c)​​ brother’s wife’s father in law​​ = Father

Wife of​​ father = Mother

Daughter of Mother = Sister

  • (c)​​ 

Pawni’s father’s wife​​ = Pawani’s mother

Sister of Pawani’s mother = Pawani’s maternal aunt

Uncle of Pawani’s Maternal Aunt = Pawani’s​​ maternal​​ Grand father


Prateek’s mother’s mother​​ = Prateek’s​​ maternal​​ Grand mother

Husband of Prateek’s maternal Grandmother = Prateek’s Maternal Grand father

Brother of Prateek’s Maternal Grandfather = Prateek’s maternal grandfather​​ 

Pawani’s maternal Grandfather = Prateek’s maternal grandfather

Hence they could be either cousins or siblings​​ 

  • (a)​​ 

Children of my wife​​ = my children

Mother of my children = my wife

  • (d)

Wife of my mother in law’s only son​​ = me

Therefore, it would be my child but the gender is unknown and hence cannot be determined.

  • (c)

Since, it is a niece, it can only be someone’s daughter and not son. Therefore option (a) and (d) are negated. Now, Niece is the daughter of brother or sister.​​ 







How to solve blood relation questions for SLAT?

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