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Practice Questions of English Grammar for CLAT 2022

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Q.I. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.

1. He goes to school ___ foot.
a) on
b) of
c) on
d) by

2. Kolkata is famous ___ its sweets.
a) to
b) for
c) off
d) intp

3. The illness has confined him ___his bedroom.
a) as
b) with
c) to
d) within

4. She is enamoured ___ Ranbir Kapoor.
a) beside
b) to
c) at
d) of

5. I am acquainted ___ the developments of the case.
a) with
b) since
c) in
d) under

6. I shall do my duty ___ my master.
a) until
b) of
c) by
d) at

7. ___ what I know of him, he is untrustworthy.
a) In
b) From
c) Through
d) Till

8. He married ___ money.
a) for
b) on
c) round
d) across

9. Sam was left ___ dead in the room.
a) then
b) for
c) over
d) there

10. He boasted ___ his skill.
a) below
b) inside
c) within
d) of

11. Do not cry ___ spilt milk.
a) over
b) above
c) among
d) outside

12. I have known him ___ a long time.
a) amongst
b) for
c) before
d) with

13. He died ___ his country.
a) out
b) off
c) for
d) in

14. Everyone laughed ___ him.
a) amidst
b) beyond
c) between
d) at

15. We suffered ___ your neglect.
a) amongst
b) around
c) underneath
d) from

Q.II. Identify the part of speech of the underlined words.

(You may also consider referring to the mentioned sources to improve your vocabulary and reading skills)

16. The new tax is expected to boost the rate of economic growth by about 0.5 percentage points. (Source: Huffington Post India)
a) Adjective
b) Simple Past Tense
c) Adverb
d) Adjective Clause

17. As we continue our series on the crises tearing at Turkey’s democracy, meet an imprisoned journalist’s family and a neighborhood leader who was shot defending the government. (Source: Huffington Post India)
a) Noun
b) Subject
c) Predicate
d) Superlative

18. A rhetorical version of dodge ball is a favored tactic for nominees regardless of their political positions. (Source: The New York Times)
a) Passive Voice
b) Adjective
c) Reflexive Pronoun
d) Active Voice

19. (I) When Aleksander Ceferin talks about changes, he means the grand, sweeping (II) variety. (Source: The New York Times)
I. a) Adverb
b) Adjective
c) Pronoun
d) Verb

II. a) Tense
b) Noun
c) Mood
d) Idiom

20. Hiking minimum wages alone cannot address the myriad problems faced by the unorganised sector. (Source: The Sunday Guardian)
a) Conjunction
b) Irregular verb
c) Adverb Clause
d) Adjective

21. Michael Carrick had a fantastic relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson during their time (I) together at Old (II) Trafford. (Source: The Sun)
I. a) Adverb
b) Phrasal verb
c) Prepositional phrase
d) Noun clause

II. a) Clause
b) Proper Noun
c) Auxiliary verb
d) Participle

22. The house sparrow that was (I) declared the ‘State Bird of Delhi’ in 2012 is edging (II) towards extinction due to the lack of an emotional connect. (Source: The Hindu)
I. a) Preposition
b) Interjection
c) Pronoun
d) Verb

II. a) Noun
b) Conjunction
c) Preposition
d) Article

23. (I) Speculations were (II) rife that Deepika Padukone has been tapped to share screen space with Rajinikanth for the second time in the film, which is directed by Pa Ranjith. (Source: The Indian Express)
I. a) Preposition
b) Conjunction
c) Adverb
d) Noun

II. a) Pronoun
b) Adverb
c) Verb
d) Preposition

24. China’s One Belt, One Road project (I) envisages a land economic belt to South and Central Asia and Europe, and a (II) maritime “silk road” to Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean. (Source: India Today)
I. a) Noun
b) Adverb
c) Verb
d) Interjection

II. a) Adjective
b) Noun
c) Pronoun
d) Preposition

25. Chatbots are artificially intelligent pieces of software, capable of maintaining a conversation with a human. (Source: Business Standard)
a) Verb
b) Adjective
c) Noun
d) Conjunction

Answer Key
1. a) on
2. b) for
3. c) to
4. d) of
5. a) with
6. c) by
7. b) From
8. a) for
9. b) for
10. d) of
11. a) over
12. b) for
13. c) for
14. d) at
15. d) from
16. c) Adverb
17. a) Noun
18. b) Adjective
19. (I) a) Adverb (II) b) Noun
20. d) Adjective
21. (I) a) Adverb (II) b) Proper Noun
22. (I) d) Verb (II) c) Preposition
23. (I) d) Noun (II) b) Adverb
24. (I) c) Verb (II) a) Adjective
25. b) Adjective

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First published on February 26, 2021. 


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