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Practice Question on Quantitative Techniques for CLAT 2022

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Given below are the profit, loss and discount percentage of five health drinks along with the marked price. Interpret the table given below and answer the questions that follow.



  1. Boost’s discount rate is what percentage of Horlick’s discount rate?
  • 75%
  • 875%
  • 875%
  • 875
  1. What is the difference between total marked price of all the 5 brands and the total selling price of all the five brands?
  • 240
  • 248
  • 228
  • 238
  1. If Bournvita’s profit % is decreased by 20% and Complan’s loss % is increased by 20% then what is the approximate different between the marked price of Item Bournvita and Complan?
  • 63
  • 73
  • 65
  • 60
  1. What is the discount rate of Milo?
  • 25%
  • 25%
  • 08%
  • 75%
  1. What is the ratio between the marked price of Bournvita and the marked price of Complan?
  • 7 : 3
  • 4 : 5
  • 5 : 3
  • 4: 7

    Passage 2

    As the Corona virus outbreak in India started, the Government declared indefinite lockdown. A large number of labourers from Uttam Pradesh who had moved to Indraprastha for work, were unable to head back home. Government made certain arrangements to send them back home via roadways because the trains were not running. One fifth of the total labourers were sent in a full sized pickup trucks. Of the remaining, three fourth were sent through various buses arranged from Indraprastha Transport Corporation. It was then decided that remaining were to be sent by the private cars hired by Government and finally 20 cars with 5 people each was sent in the end.

    1. What is the total number of labourers that were sent back from Indraprastha?
    • 1500
    • 700
    • 500
    • 800
      1. How many employees were sent using the various buses arranged from Indraprastha Transport Corporation?
      • 300
      • 100
      • 800
      • 500
      1. What percentage of labourers would have been left behind in case the buses and the cars were not arranged?
      • 75%
      • 60%
      • 80%
      • 82%
      1. After they reached the destination, one fourth of the total labourers headed home on foot. Of the remaining, three fifth of the labourers subscribed to a paid lodge cum mess on a per day basis. Remaining of them arranged raw material from local people and prepared their own meal. The total amount paid to the Lodge cum mess for one day was Rs. 11250. What is the rate for one person for one day?
      • 25
      • 50
      • 60
      • 40
      1. 5 times of those who were sent back decided to stay back. If out of the total number of labourers present in Indraprastha, 3/5 are construction workers. Of the remaining, 2/3 are house help and rest are the road vendors, what is the ratio of construction workers to vendors?
      • 5:3
      • 4:5
      • 9:2
      • 7:3


    First published on January 31, 2021. 


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