Practice Paper: Analogy – 4



Directions for Question 1-5 : find the most relevant pair which establishes a similar relationship with the pair given in the question.


1. Tattoo : skin​​ 

a) Bracelet : Wrist​​ 

b) Logo : Dress

c) Necklace : Neck​​ 

d) None of the above​​ 


Answer (d) : Permanent Design on a surface.


2. Vaseline : Petrol

a) Wax : Beehive

b) Powder : Carbonate​​ 

c) Plastic : Rubber

d) Paper : Wood​​ 


Answer (d) ​​ Analogy : By-products of the​​ said material. Vaseline is the by-product of Petrol. Likewise, Paper is made out of wood.


3. PhD : Doctorate​​ 

a) M.A. : Membership​​ 

b) I.A. : Intermediate​​ 

c) B.A. : Graduation

d) M. Phil : Specialization​​ 


Answer (c) : Analogy- Education and Qualification​​ 


4. Polygon : Perimeter​​ 

a) Triangle : Angle

b) Circle : Circumference :

c) Semi Circle : Arc

d) Square : Area


Answer (b) : The Area of the Polygon can be calculated by its Perimeter and the Area of the Circle can be determined by its circumference.


5.​​ Butterfly : Pollination​​ 

a) Insects : Spoilage​​ 

b) Animal : Pollution​​ 

c) Earthworm : Soil Digging​​ 

d) Bird : Migration​​ 


Answer (c) Analogy : ​​ Animals and how are they are necessary for the biodiversity.​​ 


Directions for Questions 6-10 : ​​ Choose the correct option and fill in the blank, which shares a similar relationship with the statement given before the blank.

6. ​​ Ecology is related to the study of Environment, likewise the study of ________ is related to Histology.

a) History

b) Geography

c) Tissues

d) Cells​​ 


Answer (c) : Analogy- ​​ Topics and their Study


7. Much is related to Quantity as _________ is related to number.

a) More

b) Plenty​​ 

c) All

d) Many


Answer (a)​​ 


8. Sap is related to​​ stem as​​ _________ is related to Bone.

a) Blood​​ 

b) Marrow​​ 

c) Plasma​​ 

d) Lymph  ​​​​ 


Answer (b)


9. Vasectomy is related to Male as ______ is related to Female​​ 

A) Monotomy​​ 

b) Uteromy​​ 

c) Dichotomy

d) Tubectomy


Answer (d)​​ :​​ Medical​​ Procedure relating to reproductive system.​​ 


10.​​ Preface is related to book as ________ is related to Opera.

a) Caption​​ 

b) Overture​​ 

c) Headline

d) Editorial​​ 


Answer (b).


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