Practice Paper: Analogy – 1


Analogy questionnaire

Most of the questions have been taken from the various competitive examinations​​ and some reference books.

Directions : In each of the following questions the two words are given on one side of double colon i.e., :: bear a certain relationship. The other side shows an incomplete pair marked by a missing word which bears a similar relationship with the given word. Find out the missing word out of the options given –


1. Legislature : Enactment :: Implementation : ?​​ 

a) minister

b) officer

c) executive​​ 

d) leader


Answer (c) : The idea behind is that like the legislature is responsible for enacting any law, the implementation of the said law is done by the executives.


2. Table : Chair :: Cup : ?

a) Mug

b) Kettle

c) Saucer

d) Crockery


Answer (d) : here the pairs that go together are discussed. We have to find the Pairs which are complementary to each other. The most relevant answer is Saucer.


3.Eye : Cataract :: ? : Hepatitis​​ 

a) Liver

b) Stomach

c) Heart​​ 

d) Lungs


Answer (a) : which body part can have what kind of disease or medical condition. Hepatitis is a liver related medical condition.​​ 


4.​​ Carpet : Floor :: ? : Wall

a) wallpaper

b) Hanging

c) Scenery​​ 

d) Oil


Answer (a) : Things That cover the surface. Just like carpet covers the floor, similarly the wall is covered by the wallpaper.​​ 


5) Maharashtra : Black Soil :: Uttar Pradesh : ?

a) Red Soil​​ 

b) Alluvial Soil​​ 

c) Laterite​​ 

d)​​ Humus


Answer (b) : The types of soil in a particular region. Uttar Pradesh is famous for its highly fertile soil found on the banks of river ganga, the alluvial soil.


6. Illiteracy : Backwardness :: ? : Progress​​ 

a) Poverty

​​ b) Money

c) Education

d) Employment


Answer (c) : In this question Illiteracy is given as the cause for backwardness, so the opposite of it will be the cause of Progress i.e. Education..


7. Mercury : First :: ? : Fourth​​ 

a) Venus

b) Jupiter

c) Earth

d) Mars


Answer (d) : The planets are numbered here according to their closeness to the sun. the first planet of our solar system is Mercury, the fourth planet is Mars.​​ 


8. Elephant : Land :: Whale : ?

a) Sand​​    

b) Ocean

c) Water

d)​​ Coral


Answer (b) : The natural Habitat of the mammals is in question. The elephant lives on land, whereas the Whales live in the Ocean.​​ 



9. Mumbai : Maharashtra ::​​ thiruvananthapuram​​ : ?

a)​​ Mangalore

b)​​ Kochi

c)​​ Kanpur

d)​​ Kerala


Answer (d) – states and their capital city. Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and Thiruvananthpuram is the capital of Kerala.​​ 


10. Laugh : Happy :: ? : Sad

a) Frown

b) Bicker

c) Complain

d) Cry


Answer (d) : Actions and reactions. The opposite of Happy is Sad and the Opposite of Laugh is Cry.​​ 


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