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Passage Based Questions on Logical Reasoning for CLAT

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Passage Based Questions on Logical Reasoning for CLAT

Questions based on Passage for Practising Logical Reasoning

Directions for Q. No. 1 to 10​​ : Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions in the form of​​ conclusions based on the passage.

Mark your answer as :

(a) if the conclusion is definitely true,

(b) if the conclusion is probably true,

(c) if the data are inadequate to answer,

(d) if the conclusion is probably false,

(e) if the conclusion is definitely false.

There is some controversy about the percentage of population below the poverty line in India. The criteria for the poverty line is based on person's nutritional​​ requirement in terms of calories. It is assumed that the minimum nutritional requirement per person per day in rural​​ areas is 2,400 calories whereas it is 2,200 calories in urban areas. If the household is unable to bear the expenditure for this​​ level of nutrition, it is categorised as below the poverty line. There is also a view that, along​​ with calories, the​​ amount​​ of​​ protein intake be treated as a criterion as it is related to physical energy, mental alertness and resistance to infection.

1. Many Indians, who are below the poverty line, get necessary amount of proteins.

2. People living above the poverty line are less likely to suffer from infections.

3. India's poverty alleviation programmes can only succeed after reaching agreement about the poverty line.

4. People in urban areas are less physically weak compared to people in rural areas.

5. In other countries, there is no controversy about defining the poverty line.

The most empirical argument in favour of prayer is that it relieves the mind of tension, which is the natural concomitant of a life of hurry and worry. It neutralises mental repressions and purifies the sub consciousness. It releases an extra amount of hope and energy and thus enables a person to face life squarely. Life is not all sweetness, enjoyment and success; it is drudgery, pain and failure too.

6. Prayer is an important part of all religions.

7. People are interested in finding out effects of prayer.

8. Subconsciousness plays no role in our life.

9. There are some arguments for the benefits of prayer, which can be tested.

10. Prayer, by direct miracles, removes hurdles and difficulties​​ from our life.



Ans.1 - c. Data inadequate.

Ans.2 - b. It is given in the last line of the passage that protein is related to resistance to infections.

Ans.3 - c. Nothing has been discussed in the passage regarding agreement about poverty line.

Ans.4 - b. It is probably true.

Ans.5 - c. Data inadequate.

Ans.6 - c.​​ Data adequate.

Ans.7 - e.​​ Conclusion is definitely false.

Ans.​​ 8 - e. Conclusion is definitely false because it has been given in the passage that prayer purifies the​​ sub consciousness. Hence, subconscious has a role in our life.

Ans 9 - a. Conclusion is definitely true as it has been given in the opening line of the passage.

Ans.10 - e. Conclusion is definitely false because it is given in the passage, prayer has an indirect impact on the life of​​ human beings.

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