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NLS and CLAT Consortium at Loggerheads? NLS VC Skips Emergency Meet

The announcement of NLSIU Bangalore pulling out of CLAT 2020 has taken the Indian Legal Sector by a storm.

There are many speculations and whispers around this topic all over social media. However, there is an important social media update coming from a source of great reputation.

Prof. Faizan Mustafa has shared a Facebook post stating the NLS VC has skipped the emergency meet and that the general council of the Consortium will meet on 4th of September 2020 to discuss the issue.

In the post, Prof. Mustafa wrote,

An emergency meeting of the Executive Council of the Consortium of National Law Universities was held tonight i.e September 3, 2020, to discuss the situation arising out of NLSIU, Bangalore’s opting out of CLAT-2020. All the members of the Executive Council except Vice Chancellor of NLSIU, Bangalore were present.

The Executive Council expressed its surprise and anguish on the unilateral decision of NLSIU to go ahead with its own admission test.

The Council noted with dismay that while the NLSIU wishes to continue in the consortium yet conduct its own admission test which is not permissible under the Bye-Laws of the Consortium. Moreover, this new admission test will put thousands of students during the extraordinary COVID 19 health emergency to a lot of inconvenience who will not have to appear in two tests instead of one.

An emergency meeting of the General Council of the Consortium will be held tomorrow to decide the future course of action. The Executive Council unanimously resolved to hold CLAT-2020 on the earlier announced date of September 28, 2020.

Prof Balraj Chauhan




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