New Pattern Logical Reasoning Practice Questions for CLAT 2020

New Pattern Logical Reasoning Practice Questions for CLAT 2020

Read the passage carefully and examine each inference separately in the context of passage and decide upon its degree of truth and falsity.

Mark your answer as:

  • If the inference is definitely true

  • If the inference is probably true​​ though​​ not definitely true in the light of the facts given in the passage

  • ​​ If the data is inadequate.

  • If the inference is probably false though not definitely false in the light of facts given in the passage.

  • If the inference is definitely false.


  • Passage​​ 

Cotton​​ acreage​​ in India during the current year​​ has Fallen by 10% as cotton growers have moved on cultivation of other cash crops. This is the result of cotton glut in the world markets in post​​ October​​ 19 and the consequent slowdown​​ in the world economy. But this​​ scenario brought with its benefit to the one segment of the industry​​ yarn​​ manufacturer as they, ​​ now get higher prices for their products.​​ Some yarn manufacturers to had stocked up​​ on low priced cotton last year.​​ The combined effect of all this is evident in the rise in the net profit and net margin of yarn manufacture.

  • There has been a huge drop in the supply of cotton during the current year.

  • There has been shortage of cotton in the world market last year

  • World economy witnessed an upward trend during the​​ October​​ ​​ 19 period.

  • The farmers will again grow cotton next year due to increase price of cotton yarn.

  • Land used for growing cotton in India is conducive to​​ grow other cash crops.

  • ​​ The yarn manufacture have marginally​​ suffered during post​​ October​​ ​​ 19 period.


  • Passage​​ 

Ministry of Environment and Forest has granted environmental clearance to the​​ karkatla​​ open-cast expansion project​​ of Central coal​​ field Limited in Jharkhand that envisages exploitation of non cooking coal reserve. The present production level of 0.8 million​​ tonnes​​ is proposed to be expanded to 1.5 million tonnes per annum at an estimated cost of rupees 67.23​​ crore​​ under the project. The total land area requirement for the​​ proposed​​ mining activities is about 651​​ hectares which includes about one sixth of it as forest land.

  • There is no demand for non coking coal.

  • Environment concern gets​​ less priority over the need of coal.

  • The​​ expansion plan would require about 100 hectares of forest land.

10.Karkatla open-cost mine is the only one of non- cooking​​ coal in country.



Answer key​​ 

Ans.1​​ ​​ E.​​ It has been clearly mentioned that in current year that is post​​ October​​ 19 there has been cotton gloves in the world market.​​ Hence​​ the conclusion is definitely false.

Ans.2 – E.​​ Conclusion is definitely false.

Ans.3 – A. It is given in the passage that world economy has witnessed a slowdown in post October 19 which means that world economy was strong in pre-October 19 period.

Ans.4 – B. It is given that​​ yarn​​ market has witnessed a strong position. Therefore it is likely that the farmer will grow cotton next year. Hence the conclusion is probably true.

Ans.5​​ ​​ A. Since farmer have switched over to other crops it​​ means that land is conducive to grow other cash crops.

Ans.6 – E.​​ Yarn manufacturers have gained substantially, ​​ hence conclusion is definitely false.

Ans.7 – E. There is no mention about demand for non coking coal in the passage so the conclusion is definitely false.

Ans.8​​ – C. We do not find any data regarding this conclusion​​ in the above passage. Data inadequate.

Ans.9​​ ​​ E. It is given in the passage that​​ 651 hectares required for the purpose of mining activities.​​ Hence,​​ Conclusion is Definitely false.

Ans.10​​ – B. According to the passage it is not mentioned about any other​​ non coking coal in country. Hence, the conclusion is probably true




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