The Central Government through the Ministry of Law and Justice has commissioned a study on the functioning and structure of national law universities. The centre has asked to recommend reforms in legal education across the country.

Nalsar, one of the premier law schools of the country, has suggested that the Common Law Admission Test be conducted in regional languages across the country. It will attract more candidates and enhance its reach.

The University also suggested that the examination fees should be slashed and be made 2000/- instead of the current 4000/- 

The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof Faizan Mustafa in an interview with Times of India mentioned that subjects like torts, contracts and other law-related subjects should be removed from the exam to attract more candidates.

“It is unfair to ask them questions on subjects which they will be exposed to only after seeking admission in a law institution. Also, the way the medical entrance is being held in regional languages, even CLAT can be held in the same way to enhance its access among aspirants.” Prof Mustafa told TOI.

Read the full article on Times of India here.

The study conducted across 15 NLUs spoke to 849 law students and 160 faculty members. It suggested that the students are more interested in the quality of teaching above all factors while seeking admission in a college. The study suggests that to attract law graduates in teaching jobs a Law teachers eligibility test (LTET) should be introduced.

The report also recommends feedback on teachers’ performance by students on all levels of coursework, choice-based credit system, specialised English classes, interactive forms of teaching, curriculum development workshops, measures against plagiarism in project work and a robust mechanism to prevent and address grievances related to academic affairs.



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