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Logical Reasoning Questions Based on New CLAT Pattern

Logical Reasoning Questions Based on New CLAT Pattern

Direction for questions:​​ Each of the following​​ questions​​ consists of statements followed by two conclusions read the given statement carefully and identify which of the Conclusion directly follows.

Mark your answer as:

  • If only conclusion 1 follows

  • If only conclusion 2 follows

  • If both conclusions 1 and 2 follows

  • If neither conclusion 1​​ nor​​ 2​​ follows



For the past 10 years people of Kashmir have lost their peace of mind because of fear of terrorist attack.​​ My​​ uncle who is read a residing in Kashmir has also lost his peace of mind


  • 1.My uncle maybe fearing a terrorist attack.

  • People staying in Kashmiri cannot lead a peaceful life

2.​​ Statements:

The reason for​​ upsurge​​ in the incidence of cardiac disease among young professionals is occupational stress.​​ Mr Singh,​​ a​​ young professional recently​​ succumbed​​ to a cardiac arrest.


  • 1.Mr Singh’s Death was due to occupational stress.

  • A lot of young professionals are facing occupational stress now a days​​ of



Due to contamination of water large number of people were admitted to hospital.


  • Contamination of water may lead to typhoid​​ 

  • Typhoid is contagious disease​​ 


North Korea and South Korea separated by water.They threaten War on each other.


  • North Korea and South Korea​​ islands​​ 

  • They are fighting over who gets to keep the water between them

5.​​ Statements:

The population below the poverty line is computed on the basis of minimum daily calorie requirement of food and actual consumption.​​ 48% of India’s population live below poverty line.


  • 48% of the people in India do not get the required Calories ofpoverty

  • poverty is India’s biggest problem

6.​​ Statements:

The planning commission is opposed to the proposal it feels that the cost of subsidizing helicopter operation will be exorbitant.


  • The planning commission want the government to spend less on itself

  • Helicopter operation must be subsidized.

7.​​ Statements:

The function of science is to supply reliable and relevant information to the society its information is reliable due to its elaborate technique of verification and also because such information is capable of surviving for centuries.


  • Scientific information is beyond the scope of revision​​ 

  • scientific information is verifiable

8.​​ Statements:​​ 

There are glaring​​ inequalities between men and man lock and ensure an ordered society but only​​ hard​​ work will help us to achieve the social objective of economic goals.


  • Only hard work and remove economic inequalities

  • Economic equality is more important than discipline

9.​​ Statements:

The deadlock persisted for the fourth​​ consecutive day despite hectic​​ efforts.​​ Then a meeting between Prime Minister and farmers leader was arranged.


  • The meeting with the Prime Minister ended the deadlock

  • The meeting between the Prime Minister and the farmers leader was the result of hectic effort.

10.​​ Statements​​ 

National Integration cannot be achieved because there are contrast between the rich people and the poor and the different religious groups.


  • Contracts under integration

  • National Integration is essential for India





Answer​​ 1.​​ a

​​ Only​​ conclusion 1 follows as it talks about a​​ possibility​​ (May).​​ Conclusion to is incorrect because the given statement refers to a specified time frame over past 10 years but conclusion to make a General statement which cannot be definitely concluded.

Answer 2.​​ d

conclusion one does not follow because occupational stress is one of the reason for cardiac arrest but not the only reason for it and second conclusion is incorrect because there is an increase number of young professional affected by the Cardiac disease but it cannot be definitely saved that a lot of them have been to occupational stress the term lot cannot be defined as we do not have the numbers here.

Answer 3.​​ a​​ 

Conclusion​​ 1​​ is correct as it talk about the possibility conclusion 2nd​​ is out of scope.

Answer 4.​​ d​​ 

Neither​​ conclusion follows, since​​ separation from each other by water is​​ not tantamount to being and Island. Also,​​ the reason for what threaten is not given.

Answer 5.​​ a​​ 

We​​ cannot in for the passage weather poverty is the India's biggest problem or not only conclusion 1st​​ follows

Answer 6.​​ d​​ 

1 is neither stated nor implied so one does not follow second contradicts idea of Planning Commission. So​​ 2 does not follow.

Answer 7.​​ b​​ 

Only​​ 2nd follows 1st​​ is vague as​​ the scope of revision cannot be​​ deduced.

Answer 8.​​ d​​ 

When​​ the argument talks about inequalities it does not specify that the mentioning the economic of the social ones we have no clarity about the social objectives of economic goals does one is quite​​ farfetched​​ and 2nd cannot be concluded 2nd​​ is irrelevant.

Answer 9.​​ d​​ 

Neither​​ of the​​ Conclusions​​ follows​​ because one does not know if meeting ended the deadlock and whether it was the result of hectic effort.

Answer 10 a​​ 

The statement implies that the wide gap between the rich and poor hinders National Integration.​​ So 1st​​ can be concluded.The statement does not make any mention of India,​​ so​​ 2nd​​ is beyond the scope of argument.


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