Logical Reasoning Practice Paper on Ranking


Logical Reasoning Practice Paper on Ranking

Read the following information and then answer the questions below:

10 persons​​ A,​​ B,C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J are sitting​​ in row facing​​ north. B and F​​ are not sitting on either of the​​ edges. G​​ is sitting on the left of D and H is sitting to the right of​​ J.​​ There are four persons between​​ E and A.​​ I is​​ sitting on the​​ right​​ of B and F is to the​​ left​​ of the​​ D. J​​ is in between A and D and​​ G​​ is​​ in​​ between​​ E​​ and F. There are only two persons between H and C.


  • Who among the following is definitely sitting at one of the ends?

  • H

  • C

  • E

  • Can not be determined​​ 


  • Who is sitting at the seventh place counting from the left?

  • H

  • C

  • J

  • Either H or C


  • Who are the immediate neighbours of I?​​ 

  • B and C

  • B and H

  • A and H

  • Cannot be determined​​ 


  • If​​ G and A interchange their positions, then who become the immediate neighbours​​ of​​ E?

  • G and F

  • F

  • A

  • J and H


  • Who is sitting second to the left of the​​ D?

  • G

  • F

  • J

  • B


Six​​ events​​ A, B, C, D, E and F​​ are to be organised from Monday to Saturday​​ i.e., 5th​​ to​​ 110th​​ of the month (one​​ event​​ each day)​​ .​​ There are two​​ events​​ between C and D and one​​ event​​ between​​ A and C.​​ There is only one​​ event​​ between​​ F and E and E is to be​​ ​​ organised before​​ F.​​ 20 to be organised before​​ A,​​ not necessarily immediately.​​ The sequence of​​ event​​ does not start with​​ B.


  • Which of the following is a correct sequence of organising events?






  • The sequence of events would start from?

  • A

  • F

  • D

  • C


  • On which day​​ the​​ event B is organised?

  • ​​ Tuesday

  • ​​ Friday

  • Thursday

  • Monday


  • On which date the event​​ E​​ is to be organised?

  • 5th

  • 7th

  • 10th​​ 

  • 6th


10.The sequence of events would end with?

  • B

  • A

  • D

  • F


Answer key

Fig.1 shows the​​ Order of sitting arrangement of 10​​ persons on the basis of information.​​ The exact positions of​​ C​​ and H cannot be determined. However, they will occupy order first or fourth place from the right end.



Ans.1 – c.​​ E is sitting at the left end.


Ans.2 – d.​​ The exact position of H and C is not known. However, they will occupy​​ either​​ seventh or tenth position from the left end.

Ans.3​​ ​​ d.​​ Can not be determined.​​ One of the immediate neighbours of I will be either​​ H​​ or​​ C.

Ans.4​​ – c. If the position of​​ G​​ and​​ A​​ are interchanged, a will become the immediate neighbour of E.

Ans. 5​​ ​​ a. From the fig.1 we can​​ easily get that G is sitting to the second left of D



Ans.6​​ ​​ d.​​ According to the fig.2​​ ,​​ The correct sequence of the events would be DBECFA.

Ans.7 – c. The​​ organization​​ should start with the event​​ D.​​ 

Ans.8​​ ​​ B is​​ to be organised on Tuesday.

Ans.9​​ – b. E is to be organised​​ on 7th​​ of the month. i.e., Wednesday​​ 

Ans.10 – b.​​ As we can see in fig.2. The last event would be A​​ (Saturday)​​ .​​ (i.e. 10th​​ of the month)​​ 








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