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Logical Reasoning Mock Paper for CLAT 2020

Logical Reasoning Mock Paper for CLAT 2020

Logical Reasoning Mock Paper for CLAT 2020

1.If Delhi is coded as 73541​​ and​​ CALCUTTA​​ as 822589662, then how would CALICUT be coded in that code?

  • 5978213

  • 8251896

  • 8543691

  • 5279431

2.​​ Arun said, “ this girl is the wife of the grandson of my mother. Who is Arun to the girl?

  • Grandfather

  • Husband

  • Father in law

  • Father

3.If​​ JUNE​​ is written as​​ PQRS and​​ AUGUST​​ is written as​​ WQFQMN.​​ How can GUEST be written in​​ same coding language?





4.Find the odd one out.

  • 12-96

  • 13-115

  • 15-120

  • 16-128

5.​​ Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series?


  • OTM

  • QVO

  • PVO

  • PUN


6.​​ Pointing to a gentleman, Deepak said, “his only brother is the father of my daughter’s father.​​ How is the gentleman related to Deepak?

  • Father​​ 

  • Uncle

  • Grandfather

  • Son

7.​​ Mr. & Mrs.​​ Gopal have 3 daughters and each daughter has one brother full stop how many person are there in the family?

  • 5

  • 6

  • 7

  • 8

8.​​ In a group of friends,​​ two men have wives, one is bachelor, ​​ another’s wife is dead, two are divorcees.​​ They take for children with them to a picnic.​​ How many have gone to the picnic?

  • 12

  • 10

  • 13

  • 14

9.​​ Which letter will replace the question mark​​ (?)​​ in the following series?

X, R , ? I, F, D, C

  • Q

  • M

  • N

  • O

10.​​ Three of the following four words are alike in a certain way and find the one which is different?

  • Inquire​​ 

  • Deliberate​​ 

  • Explore​​ 

  • Examine


Answer key

1-b In above question​​ we can see every alphabet​​ (DELHI-73541 & CALCUTTA – 82589662 )​​ is coded in​​ number.​​ Therefore , C-8,A-2,L-5,I-1,C-8,U-9,T-6. (CALICUT-8251896)

2​​ –c​​ ​​ grandson of Arun smother means either son or nephew of Arun. Therefore, Arun is the father in law of that girl.

3 – b Here JUNE is coded as PQRS & ​​ AUGUST is coded as​​ WQFQMN. Therefore, GUEST will be coded as FQSMN.

4​​ ​​ b​​ Here 12×8=96 , 15×8=120, 16×8=128​​ but, 13×9=117. So option b is​​ correct answer.

5 – d​​ Here​​ (D+4=H, H+4=L, L+4=P) ,(​​ I+4=M, M+4=Q, Q+4=U) &(​​ B+4=F, F+4=J, J+4=N)​​ PUN is the correct answer.

6.- b​​ the two persons between whom relationship has to be established. Gentlemen – Deepak.​​ Father of my(​​ Deepak’s)​​ daughter’s father means Deepak’s​​ father.​​ Deepak's​​ father is the only brother of Gentleman.​​ Therefore, gentleman is the uncle of Deepak.

7 – b​​ according to question Mr and Mrs Gopal have 3 daughter and one son. Therefore,​​ there are six members in the family.

8 – a​​ Two couple = 4Persons.​​ Now, Bachelor​​ +​​ widower + two divorcees ​​ =4 persons & 4 children. Therefore, 12 person went to the picnic.

9​​ ​​ b ​​ difference between the alphabets is decreasing in descending orders. X-6=R, R-5=M, M-4=I, I-3=F and so on. So option b)M will replace​​ question mark.

10 – b​​ Obviously, ​​ DELIBERATE​​ is​​ different from the other three words.​​ Deliberate means to think very carefully about something.​​ Other​​ three​​ ​​ word​​ have similar​​ meaning.​​ Enquiry, Explorer and examine broadly to find something

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