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Sign Up Now for Legal Edge’s CLAT Coaching [Online]: Over 150 Ranks Under 300 in CLAT 2021!

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An institution led by two well learned and experienced personalities in the field of CLAT Coachings in India- Harsh Gagrani and Karan Mehta, LegalEdge has been performing exceptionally well since its inception.

From every third student in an NLU in 2020 to every second student in an NLU in 2021, being an LETian, LegalEdge has been helping aspirants in transforming their dreams into realities for over a decade.

From courses, tests and mocks that act as efficiency boosters to faculty that is highly skilled at what they teach, LegalEdge maintains its authenticity and legacy with cumulative results as years go by.

About the Courses

  • GOLD WARRIORS BATCH FOR CLAT 2022 ASPIRANTS (ONE YEAR) is created keeping in mind that when one decides to cover a journey all over again, she/he starts not with scratch but experience.  Especially, designed for aspirants who wouldn’t have to bear the responsibilities of school anymore, this course is appropriate for any individual who aims to devote her/his maximum time for the preparation of CLAT and other law entrances.
  • FIGHTERS BATCH FOR CLAT 2022 ASPIRANTS (ONE YEAR) is created for students who wish to excel at the preparation of CLAT and other law entrances while also preparing for their 12th/board exams. The course is designed, keeping in mind, the limited time a student gets and it will be beneficial for anybody who is willing to manage both the preparations simultaneously.
  • ACHIEVERS BATCH FOR CLAT 2023 ASPIRANTS (TWO YEARS) is designed for students who are currently in 11th grade and are willing to boost their preparation. It is a course created, keeping in mind the long duration of time one has at hand and it’s beneficial for any student who wants enough time for preparation, execution and analysation.
  • PLATINUM BATCH FOR CLAT ASPIRANTS is the course designed for students who wish to have one on one interactive class session with the teachers via online meets. Exclusive for warriors, fighters and achievers; it’s a good way to have an even more engaging class.

Full details of the courses are here!

The courses contain:

  • Teaching by finest faculties (7+ years of experience)
  • Live classes/Access to recorded classes
  • Resourceful study material (35+ Rankers Study Material)
  • Nationally acclaimed All India Test Series
  • Live doubt clearing
  • Mocks, Sectional tests, Topic tests
  • Personalised Learning
  • Relatable Supplements and more

LegalEdge values your time, consideration, money and faith on the team that results in an aspirant’s CLAT preparation journey being smoother.

The preliminary journey gets even better with additional perks like:

  • Telegram Doubt solving groups
  • CLATPOST (monthly GK updates)
  • LegaLE (exclusive legal updates’ booklet)
  • Mock Analysis Copy (assessing your rankings and expectations)
  • Mock analysis videos

The team tries its best in leaving no scope for improvement by helping you turn into a law student from a law aspirant by providing you with all probable insights that can help one have a better approach and reach towards the expected solutions.

MOCK TEST SERIES: An exhaustive mock test series package, that contains mocks created by the team of LegalEdge, India’s finest CLAT Prep Coaching centre. Best known for  its fine blend of diverse questions and varied concepts

Full details of the free mock test are here!

Sucess Ratio

Over 150 ranks under 300 in CLAT 2021  (AIR 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9…)

  • 40+ student selection at NLU DELHI in AILET 2021
  • 27+ student selection at NLU DELHI in AILET 2020
  • 300+ students under rank 700 in CLAT 2020
  • AIR 2, 3, 5 in CLAT 2019 and much more!

About the Directors

Directed by Harsh Gagrani and Karan Mehta, LegalEdge has been growing by leaps and crossing miles with its student-friendly approach.

Two of them are wonderfully skilled in understanding the turmoil of an aspirant’s life and have mentored and taught thousands of students all across the nation, leaving remarkable signs of betterment in each individual’s journey.

They make learning adaptable and growth beautiful.

Leading the institution for over a decade and raising the standards always, their creative and resourceful approach towards turning dreams into realities has turned LegalEdge into a place ‘jaha sirf success shor machata hai!’

About the Team

Deciding to enter into the world of a competitive examination is a courageous step one takes that results in altering the personality of an aspirant.  Rather than just being surrounded by the right books, it’s more important to stay in touch with people who are willing to work hard for the success of another.

The faculty at LegalEdge has had 7+ years of rich experience in the teaching field and that shows the kind of confidence and dedication one is inculcated with while preparing for the exam. CLAT is popular for exceeding the expectations and changing the game by turning out to be uncertain, most of the time.

Here, you get nourished not just with basic to complex problems of a particular subject but also with life skills like:

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Decision making
  3. Time management
  4. Student life balance

The above-mentioned traits not only strengthen your personality as a human but also widens your perception as an aspirant by making you come to terms with complex questions and tough ways for reaching a solution.

Sign Up here the Legal Edge‘s CLAT coaching!

English Comprehension

Preparing for CLAT is synonymous with making your English skilled and LegalEdge excels at it by making you refined towards reading, vocabulary, comprehension and grammar rules.

Classes designed with fun ways of:

  • Learning new words
  • Understanding complex grammar rules and
  • Making reading innovative

Helps one have a better understanding towards tackling huge sets of reading materials and acing them still.

Mnemonic techniques that make tedious lists of words bearable to the understanding of concepts like subject-verb agreement, classes of English make not only understanding of the language better but also speaking of it fluently.

Current Affairs including General Knowledge

Reading newspapers and staying up to date with the current affairs of the world is a prerequisite for this examination and LegalEdge excels at covering relevant topics with a 360-degree understanding.

Classes that: 

  • covers the why’s, how’s and what’s of the incidents/events
  • dives deeper with analysis
  • makes remembering names, places and dates easier and
  • helps in connecting the dots of different happenings

prove to be fruitful for an aspirant who wishes to score maximum in this subject.

The static general knowledge part gets preference too for a better understanding of the events and the concepts which makes it easier for an aspirant to be well informed with all that happens across the globe.

Legal Reasoning

This subject is the starting point of an individual’s journey in the field of law. The pattern that the examination of CLAT follows for this particular subject is diverse and unpredictable but LegalEdge makes an aspirant a generalist of all that can be expected.

Areas of law that are taught:

  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • International Law
  • Miscellaneous law

Amongst others are taught with easy examples and relatable situations in a way that solidifies your desire of becoming a lawyer.

The subject demands dedication, patience and a comprehensive understanding of various topics and the faculty (most of them who are NLU pass out) help in making it understandable easily.

Legal Reasoning is mostly about figuring out the reason behind the YES and the NO of the answers which is made smoother by numerous classes particularly based on making the concepts clearer and the foundation of choosing law finer.

Critical Reasoning

Thinking of becoming a lawyer? Be ready to deal with all the ifs and the buts.

This subject taught by the faculty not only widens your evaluative understanding but also widens your perceptions and makes your ideology broader.

The subject demands:

  • Evaluative understanding
  • Analytical approach
  • Interpretation skills

and the way it’s taught at LegalEdge strengthens the pillars of not only an aspirant’s legal approach but also all that is opinionated and talked about.

Critical Reasoning skills make one deal better with tough situations and complex problems and at LegalEdge the kind of paragraphs one gets to analyse and the questions to solve makes the path smoother and clearer to accomplish.

Quantitative Techniques

Maths is a challenge for many aspirants and troubles till the end but the solution for getting the problems resolved is the easiest that’s consistency in practising and commitment. The sets of QT can only be solved when the base of the chapters is rightfully developed.

At LegalEdge, an aspirant gets numerous resources in the form of various methods, tricks and approaches that makes the learning of a subject that looks tough, be simple. With a focus on understanding elementary concepts better first and then moving towards the graphs, LegalEdge builds the foundation strong.

The pedagogy at the institution is rich with nuanced and proficient individuals who believe in making a student comfortable with not just the subject but the teacher too. Teachers here can be your go-to mentors for the solution of anything that turns to be a barricade in your preparation.

From practise sessions to doubt-solving ones, the faculty strengthens your caliber and helps you in unfolding your potential.


Your one-stop destination for scoring great marks, exceeding expectations and becoming a student of the ambition you aspire to be lead at.

A place where, ‘success shor machata hai!’

Sign Up here the Legal Edge‘s CLAT coaching!


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