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Learn Five New Words Words Everyday

Learn Five New Words Everyday

  • Assiduous

  • Meaning: Working Very hard

  • Synonyms: Diligent, Laborious

  • Antonyms: Idle, Unemployed

  • John’s assiduous nature made him get the job.


  • Circumlocution

  • Meaning: the use of an unnecessarily large number of words to express an idea

  • Synonyms:​​ equivocationshuffle

  • Antonyms: Circumlocution of business proposals is common at the Conferences these days.


  • Espouse

  • Meaning: to take up and support as a cause

  • Synonyms: Adopt, embrace

  • Jill espoused Kritika’s idea as her plan for the next week.


  • Extol

  • Meaning: honour

  • Synonyms: glorify, praise, honour

  • Antonyms: Abhor, contemn

  • Rachel saved her extol by stepping out of the studio.


  • Scarcity

  • Meaning: Deficiency

  • Synonyms: Absence, Dearth, inadequacy

  • Antonyms: Abundance, Plenty

  • The dearth of money was responsible for the malnutrition.


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