Learn Five New Words Daily

  1. Lucid
  • Meaning: Easy to understand
  • Synonyms: explicitly, expressly, readable
  • Antonym: confusing, ambiguous
  • Rahul gave a lucid account of her reasons to stay back.
  1. Mendacious
  • Meaning: Untrue
  • Synonyms: False, Lie
  • Antonyms: True, Honest, Right
  • The accusations levied upon Rashi were mendacious.
  1. Penury
  • Meaning: extreme poverty
  • Synonym: Beggary, Destituteness, Pauperism
  • Antonym: Wealthiness, richness
  • Penury is one of the most important problems in India.
  1. Latent
  • Meaning: Hidden
  • Synonyms: Dormant, Inactive
  • Antonyms: Visible, Active
  • The defects of the house bought were too latent to be seen
  1. Obnoxious
  • Meaning: Extremely Unpleasant
  • Synonyms: evil, abhorrent
  • Antonyms: Delightful, pleasant
  • Suruchi gave obnoxious comments about Sonali’s looks.


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