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Learn Five New Words Everyday – 30/12/2020

Learn 5 New Words Daily: Day 2

Date: 30/12/2020

  1. Cumbersome
  • Meaning: heavy/ inconvenient
  • Synonyms: Bulky, tiresome
  • Antonyms: Convenient, Light
  • The night shifts of the doctors is a very cumbersome task.
  1. Abrogate
  • Meaning: put an end to
  • Synonyms: abolish, invalidate, nullify
  • Antonyms: approve, enact
  • The special status of Jammu and Kashmir has been abrogated last year.
  1. Acumen
  • Meaning: ability to understand
  • Synonyms: insight, intellect
  • Antonyms: ignorance, misinterpretation
  • Hritik is said to have the best acumen in the class with respect to Science.
  1. Astute
  • Meaning: Perspective
  • Synonyms: Adroit, canny
  • Antonyms: foolish, idiotic
  • Malay has been an astute observer of the entire game.
  1. Sceptical
  • Meaning: Doubtful
  • Synonyms: Dubious, Cynical
  • Antonyms: Certain, sure
  • The King has always been sceptical of the loyalty of its subject.




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