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Learn Five New Words Everyday- 29/12/2020

Learn 5 New Words Daily: Day 1


  1. Gigantic
  • Meaning: Very large
  • Synonyms: Massive, Huge, Giant
  • Antonyms: Little, Small, Tiny
  • The pandemic had a gigantic effect on the economy of the country.
  1. Obscure
  • Meaning: Not easily understood
  • Synonyms: Confusing, Enigmatic, Vague
  • Antonyms: Clear, definite, Known
  • The couple decided to opt for divorce for some obscure
  1. Obfuscate
  • Meaning: confuse
  • Synonyms: Baffle, befuddle, dark
  • Antonyms: clarify, enlighten, explain
  • The government obfuscates with respect to the reasons responsible for low GDP.
  1. Huff
  • Meaning: To talk with anger
  • Synonyms: Arrogance, annoyance, temper
  • Antonyms: calm, joy, pleasure
  • “Please get out of the room”. Nitin huffed.
  1. Colloquial
  • Meaning: Informal, Familiar to an area
  • Synonyms: Conversational, Vernacular
  • Antonyms: Correct, Standard
  • His colloquial talents were best among the entire university






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