Learn Five New Words Everyday

  1. Unwieldly
  • Meaning: Difficult to move or carry because of weight or size
  • Synonyms: Heavy, Bulky, Cumbersome
  • Antonyms: Dainty, Manageable
  • It was an unwieldly parcel to carry to cities.
  1. Elucidate
  • Meaning: Make clear
  • Synonyms: Explain, Clarify
  • Antonyms: Confuse, Obscure
  • Ramesh elucidated the entire rescue plan to the team.
  1. Staunch
  • Meaning: Necessity
  • Synonyms: Loyal, Faithful, committed
  • Antonyms: Disloyal, Unfaithful
  • He was a staunch supporter of the religious movement.
  1. Resurrect
  • Meaning: To bring back into actions
  • Synonyms: Energize, Recover, rejuvenate
  • Antonyms: Destroy, Ruin, Damage
  • Kim was too anxious to resurrect her own problems.
  1. Extol
  • Meaning: honour
  • Synonyms: glorify, praise, honour
  • Antonyms: Abhor, contemn
  • Shweta saved her extol by stepping out of the studio.
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