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Learn Five New Words Everyday – 13th January 2021

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Learn Five New Words Everyday

  1. Maverick
  • Meaning: A person with independent thoughts or opinions
  • Synonyms: Individualist, non-conformer, free spirit
  • Antonyms: Conventional, Conformist
  • The Maverick attitude of Karan made him a loner.
  1. Myriad
  • Meaning: A large number
  • Synonyms: Abundance, Manifold
  • Antonyms: Pinch, Bit
  • The crowd at the fair was Myriad.
  1. Torment
  • Meaning: Extreme Suffering
  • Synonyms: Affliction, Torture, Suffering
  • Antonyms: Pleasure, Joy
  • We should use all the natural resources judiciously.
  1. Truculence
  • Meaning: Cruelty
  • Synonyms: Aggression, Attack, Bellicosity
  • Antonyms: New, Modern, up to date
  • A lot of Truculence could be seen in yesterday’s wrestling match.
  1. Tyro
  • Meaning: Beginner
  • Synonyms: Amateur, Learner
  • Antonyms: Expert, Professional
  • It is not a very smart thing to behave like a Tyro in front of the entire public.




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