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Learn Five new words- 22 January 2021

Learn Five New Words Everyday

  1. Vagary
  • Meaning: Strange Idea or action
  • Synonyms: Whimsy, Unpredictable
  • Antonyms: Common, Usual
  • The vagaries of the old lady became a problem for the household.
  1. Vex
  • Meaning: Annoy
  • Synonyms: Distress, Trouble
  • Antonyms: Pleasure, Fun
  • The situation was so vex that the doctors had to rush the procedure.
  1. Vivacious
  • Meaning: High Spirited
  • Synonyms: Lively, Sprightly
  • Antonyms: inactive, languid
  • The vivacious personality of the Manager made him popular among the employees.
  1. Lax
  • Meaning: Loose
  • Synonyms: Careless, Lazy, Negligent
  • Antonyms: Attentive, careful
  • Kamal was lax about the interview next week.
  1. Visage
  • Meaning: the face
  • Synonyms: face, appearance, look
  • The visage was enough for Nisha to step back.


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