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Know All About Strengthening Arguments in Critical Reasoning

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In Critical Reasoning, you will come across a number of strengthening type questions, covered under the head called ‘Strengthening Arguments’. The way to tackle these questions is fairly easy. From the options provided to you, you simply need to choose the one which lends maximum support to the main proposition being made in the argument. Keep in mind that the option should be relevant to the proposition. This means that the option should be reasonably connectable to the proposition and not too remote. In this type of questions, you are like a builder. Your job is to work towards adding to the foundation of the truth as presented in the argument. In this respect be clear that the truth of the argument is provided in the data of the argument itself and is not dependent on your commonsensical understanding.


The best way to learn is by practice. In each question choose the option which contains the most appropriate answer. The first one has been solved for you. Look at the example try to solve the rest.

Janvi has a bad temper these days. When she gets annoyed she refuses to listen to anyone. She is prone to throwing tantrums if she does not get the clothes of her choice while shopping.

  1. Janvi is taking medication for her hyperthyroidism problems.
  2. Janvi has been asked to attend anger management workshops.
  3. Janvi doesn’t like the way people behave around her.
  4. Janvi is coping with her anxiety attacks.

The correct answer is option b. It makes a clear reference to Janvi’s temper issues and reaffirms the main idea that Janvi is having frequent temper flares. Option a and d talk about medical issues not particularly pertinent to anger issues while option c makes a general proposition is not directly relevant to the argument.

Whitington is a spendthrift. He does not maintain specific financial records for his spending. His company accounts are in disarray.

  1. The audit reports for his company show financial discrepancies.
  2. There is no limit on his credit card.
  3. He has a dedicated finance team to look after his money.
  4. He is in favour of charity to orphanages and old age homes.

Dipu loves to eat spicy food. He refuses to visit a dietician. He does not welcome any change in his dietary habits.

  1. He has four servings of rice and spicy chicken curry every night for dinner.
  2. He refuses to eat on days when the food prepared is mostly sweet.
  3. He is a dietician himself.
  4. He believes in exercise as opposed to dieting.

Ayush is a friendly boy. He is on amicable terms with all his classmates. Everyone comes to him if they went any help.

  1. He believes in the sharing is caring principle
  2. He ranked first in the Best Friend Competition
  3. He is a popular boy in school
  4. He acts well with others so he can borrow notes from them later

Priyanka is scared of flying objects. She feels anxious every time she sees something flying. She even finds birds of flight to be terrifying creatures.

  1. She is a coward and scared of many other things
  2. She hates the feathers of birds which keep shedding over her garden
  3. She does not leave the house during the Kite Festival
  4. She thinks that people will judge her if she appreciates flight

The cheeses used add a special zing to pizzas. Pizza is now a popular snack among the youth. It acts as a quick and filling bite for today’s busy youngsters.

  1. The sale of pizza sauce is breaking records in supermarkets
  2. The pizza industry is responsible for 66% of imports of Swiss cheese
  3. Pizza is a symbol of the new cool
  4. Pizzerias are coming up with new variants to keep up with the demand

Camera lenses are becoming more and more costly. Not everyone is able to buy a lens due to the steep pricing. You have to bear a large depletion in your savings if you are interested in buying a new camera lens.

  1. Camera lenses are made with expensive glass which is very delicate
  2. In 2012,only a small niche of photographers were able to buy new lenses
  3. The new lenses can allow for minimum blurring and sharp image
  4. The lens comes with a complementary cleaning kit

Chocolate industry is working together with the healthcare industry. Chocolates provide a package of happiness to diseased patients. Chocolate counters are becoming a common sight in hospitals nowadays.

  1. Chocolates are the main cause of cavities
  2. Chocolates provide temporary relief to grieved souls
  3. Dark chocolate helps lower blood pressure
  4. Chocolate factories are usually located near hospitals

The paper industry has realized its mistake. It has been working on preserving woodlands. The adoption of forests by these mega-corporations is indicative of their positive efforts in protecting the environment.

  1. Trees are the most important raw material for the paper industry
  2. Paper is being recycled and reused
  3. Each employee of the paper industry plants a tree each month
  4. Everyone has equal responsibility in preserving the ecosystem

Pharmaceutical companies need to conduct clinical trials to ensure that their medicines are effective. The data collected through trials can lead to improvements in the medical field. Diseases can be dealt with in better ways than before.

  1. Clinical trials can lead to death
  2. Clinical trials have gained legal recognition
  3. Medicines are meant to save lives
  4. Medicines are a miracle drug which will help cure all problems

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First published on January 15, 2021. 


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