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21st Century Lawyer: Are You Ready For This?

As technology moves forward it has become critical for every lawyer to skill up. The struggles of the High Courts and the Supreme Court to conduct hearings is a foretaste of how we need to revamp the litigation system, but more fundamentally how much we need to revamp our education system. Teaching conventional law subjects in a Socratic manner is not enough. We need to move our focus towards skills teaching also.

From technology to soft skills, it is critical that the 21st Century lawyer is different from his/her predecessor. He/She is not just suave but is a persuasive speaker, a good researcher and brings creative solutions to the problems at hand.

This lawyer is tech-savvy, can work in a team and has a social conscience. The 21st Century Lawyer is solution-oriented and offers a unique set of skills that is not something an artificial intelligence entity will be able to replicate.

At IFIM Law School we are committed to the cause of nurturing the future #SMARTLawyer. We have curated a bespoke curriculum which consists of academic interventions that enable the student to start honing their skills that are required for the 21st Century lawyer.

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Each program contributes to the structured and skill-based growth of our law students:

Personality Enhancement Program

The Personality Enhancement Program has 2 components – Lifestyle and Life Skills. As the law profession is the profession second most prone to high stress, we believe in inculcating in our students the values of a healthy lifestyle. In the program, we provide exercise and nutritional advice by certified trainers and nutritionists respectively, as well as frequent counselling sessions. With this, we cultivate in our students the habits that lead to a “healthy mind in a healthy body.

Life Skills is dedicated to improving the often ignored soft skills required by Lawyers. From how to speak persuasively, write persuasively etc. we also take students through how to handle social media and use it to their advantage to promote their professional image.

Networking, working in a team and being a leader are skills that we focus on developing in our students. With certified trainers and a bespoke curriculum, this program plays an important role in refining our students’ presentation of themselves.

Research Incubation

IFIM Law School understands the value of legal research and through our novel and unique initiative, the Research Incubation programme, we teach our students how to conduct legal research, reading and writing in class from the first year itself. The Research Incubation program inculcates in the students of law culture of conducting research and publishing papers through a pan India Student Research Colloquium.

Our students go through this rigorous program where they are hand-held through the entire process. We start slowly by giving them small research tasks, such as being in the Editorial Board of our Student Law Review or being associated with the various Research Centres of IFIM Law School and then build the task up to complexity which culminates in the penultimate year coming out with a mandatory published article under the guidance of a faculty member.

Social Immersion Program

We believe in making our students socially responsible. Through this program, our students are submerged into a certain social segment to understand the challenges and any social issues that the particular segment is facing. The student then identifies a solution which he/she then implements ensuring that the challenges that the social segment was facing dissipates. Our students learn how to be objective about problems and think of solutions that are feasible.

Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is a unique method for students to find “godfathers” in the industry. The program partners a student with an industry pundit who guides the student on their career options, their choices in education etc. The mentors work with the students helping the student create a vision, goal and methodology.

Students often treat these sessions like counselling or therapy sessions where they feel secure in sharing their deepest misgivings and insecurities with their mentors. This program is a unique IFIM Law School-only offering that ensures that students have an early insight into the legal industry.

Industry Internship Program

The Industry Internship Program aids students with finding internships appropriate to their level and understanding of the law. Students are given the training to deal with the realities of their internship. They are also coached on how to improve their internship experience, ask for feedback etc. Students are encouraged to build a network that will aid their transition into the legal field.

To become a 21st Century lawyer each program will teach a student to play to their strengths while working on improving their weaknesses.

If you want to become a #SMARTLawyer click here: https://tinyurl.com/mmj8s653


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