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Common Idioms And Phrases For LSAT

Given below are the common idioms and phrases for LSAT (Law School Admission Test) and other law entrance examinations. This is not an exhaustive list but includes important idioms. It is advised that Idioms or vocabulary cannot be developed in one day and requires consistent efforts. You should try to learn at least 5 new idioms daily and use them in sentences.

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Idioms and Meanings

  1. Ruffle Feathers: Annoy someone
  2. To get cold feet: to get Afraid
  3. No stone unturned: Using all available means
  4. In a nutshell: Simple and Brief
  5. Knit the brow: To frown
  6. to pour oil on troubled water: to rectify the matter
  7. Hitting below the belt: unfair strike
  8. Hand in glove: close collusion
  9. Beating the air: Making useless efforts
  10. A dime a dozen: Very common
  11. Hit the road: Begin the journey
  12. Stand to one’s guns: Refuse to change something
  13. Playing fast and loose: Behaving irresponsibly
  14. To kill two birds with one stone’– to solve two problems at once
  15. Break a leg’ – good luck
  16. Flying pigs: Impossible to happen
  17. The elephant in the room: The main/ obvious problem
  18. Piece of cake: Something very easy
  19. Hit the books: to study
  20. Break-even: No gain No Loss
  21. Butter up: Flattering someone
  22. Once in a blue moon: Very rarely
  23. Nip in the bud: Destroy at the initial stage
  24. Settling the dust: Calming the situation
  25. Being as cold as stone: Being rude or unemotional
  26. Castle in the sky: Impossible/ Daydream
  27. Wry face: Disappointed look
  28. The tough nut to crack: A difficult problem
  29. To burn the midnight oil: To work up to late hours
  30. Flash in the pan.:  One that promises great success but fails
  31. Chicken hearted: Cowardly
  32. Good wine needs no bush: Advertising is not needed for good things.
  33. Red-letter day: a pleasantly noteworthy or memorable day
  34. Raining cats and dogs: raining very heavily
  35. To have feet of clay: full of faults
  36. Rhyme or reason: Rational cause
  37. Cock and bull story: the untrue story
  38. A bolt from the blue: Unexpected
  39. Whole nine yards: All of it
  40. Tight Spot: Difficult situation

First published on November 18, 2020. 


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