HomeLogical ReasoningHow to Solve Logical Reasoning Questions Based on Direction for CLAT 2022?

How to Solve Logical Reasoning Questions Based on Direction for CLAT 2022?

How to Solve Logical Reasoning Questions Based on Direction for CLAT 2022?

How to Solve Logical Reasoning Questions based on Direction for CLAT 2020?

Direction is one of the easiest topics​​ to score in​​ the CLAT exam.​​ The concept​​ this topic​​ is​​ similar to what​​ we use in our​​ daily​​ life. The direction sense test is nothing but a precise​​ way​​ of sensing the direction.​​ To solve the direction questions you need to make a sketch of the data provided in the​​ questions. We​​ have to discuss the important​​ concepts with tips and tricks.

We all know that there are four main directions that is East, West,​​ North and South. Also, we are well aware of four cardinal directions South East,​​ South West,​​ North East​​ and North West.​​ We are going to use all these​​ to solve our direction reasoning problems.


We assume that in our front the direction is north, behind us is south, to our left is west​​ and​​ to the right is east. Also, we know that the Sun rises in the​​ east and sets in the​​ west. When a person faces the Sun then his/her front is east and behind him or her is West. To the left will be north and in his/her right is south.


Assumptions regarding to directions question.

  • The main direction change undergo on 90° change in the direction. For instance, there is 90 degree change from east to North or South

  • The changes only 45 degree change in Cardinal direction for example there is 45° change in North to North east or North to Northwest.

  • The direction of the right​​ turn is always clockwise.

  • The direction to the left turn is always anticlockwise.

  • Always distance along straight lines and between is specified points.


Important facts related to direction

  • At the time of sunrise, if a man stands facing ​​ east his Shadow​​ will be towards the west.

  • If a person is facing​​ north at the time of sunrise, his​​ Shadow will be towards​​ West.

  • At the time of sunrise, if a person is facing South his Shadow will be towards his right.

  • If a person is facing towards north at the​​ time of sunset his Shadow will be towards his right

  • At 12 o’clock noon, the sun rays are vertically downward so no Shadow will be formed at the time.


Pythagoras Theorem

The concept of Pythagoras Theorem is highly applicable in the direction reasoning​​ problems. In a right angle triangle the square of hypotenuse​​ is equal to the sum of square of other two sides.  ​​​​ 

i.e., c2 = a2 + b2.  



  • Ram started walking from his house coma goes 5 kilometre in the East, then he turns to his left and goes 4​​ km. Finally he turns to his left and goes 5 km. Now how far he is from his house and in what direction?

Soln.  ​​​​ From third position it is clear he is 4km from his house and is in north direction.


  • Ramesh started from his house, goes 4 kilometre in the east then he turns to his right and goes 3 kilometre. What minimum distance will be covered by him to come back to his house?



  • One morning after sunrise Sunil why going to school met Rahul at zebra crossing Rahul Shadow was exactly to the right of Sunil. Is there face to face which direction was Sunil facing?

Soln- In the morning sun rises in the east.

So in the morning the shadow falls towards the west.

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