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How to Revise for CLAT Legal Reasoning?

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Legal Reasoning is one of the most important sections of CLAT. It constitutes both, a significant number of questions and hence, marks, and a better rank incase of a tie. Sometimes this can make a difference of as many as ten ranks. If you’re wondering how to revise for CLAT Legal Reasoning, we’ve got you covered. 

Thus, as the last few weeks of CLAT approach, increase your focus on this section, and start revising.

How to revise for CLAT Legal Reasoning?

1. Read about major legal news and topics

More often than not, passages are framed around important legal news and developments, or topics. Thus, if you are already aware of the topic or news, it will save you a lot of time, and will help you in understanding questions better and faster. Revise the legal topics you have read before, and catch up on any important judgements or developments that have taken place.

2. Practice in a timed manner

Don’t forget to do this in a timed manner. You will have very less time to attempt questions, and the Legal Reasoning Section can be pretty tough sometimes. You should and must have a fair idea of the amount of time you are going to take, and must also know when to cut losses and move on to the next section. Don’t spoil your entire exam just because of one section. Balance accordingly.

3. Read up on legal maxims and difficult terms

To save time, read about the different legal terms and their meanings. You should not get stuck on a question or a passage simply because you don’t know what Ultra vires means. Read about the different maxims, especially those which are connected to topics like Contracts Law, Torts, Criminal Law, etc. For example, you should know the meaning of ‘actus non facit reum, nisi mens sit rea’.

Whenever you study next, pay extra attention to the tips mentioned above. Read up on the types of questions or the topic of questions you do not understand. Practice reading faster, and ensure that you comprehend equally fast.

All the best!

Check out our complete list of Legal Maxims here. 


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